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Moving to a new home can be a real pain in the neck; it’s laborious, it’s tough, and it’s arduous. Moving house is one of the biggest and most stressful household tasks that require a high level of organization. Whether you’re just moving across the street or to a faraway neighborhood, you need in order for you to have a smooth transition. Here is where the big question comes in, “How do you get your belongings from the old house to the new house?” Well, fortunately for you, Easyrentcars allows you to rent out a van which you can use to move your belongings. If you’re a minimalist, you’re able to get away with making a single trip using a small van.

Tips For Moving House

Here are 5 tips that will help you avoid moving day chaos that leaves you feeling overwhelmed:

Get Organized as early as possible

Do not wait until the last minute so that you can start doing things in a hurry. Make sure that you take an entire month before you move to make sure that everything on moving day runs smoothly. Create a countdown list and include things that you need to accomplish every day before you move. This will go a long way in helping you to accomplish all your tasks.

Notify your important contacts about your new home address

Make another list of people and utility companies about your plans to move houses. For example, book an appointment with the cable and internet installation crew so that they can come and fix it immediately you move in.


Moving house is no picnic for the hoarders. Moving provides you with a great opportunity for you to organize your belongings and get rid of all the things that you do not need. If you have enough time, hold a yard sale. Alternatively, you should sort all the furniture that you don’t use or clothes that you no longer wear to Goodwill. There is really no point moving old stuff from your old house to your new house if it’s just going to lay there unused. If you have used something in a couple of months or years, it’s time to be brutal and get rid of it.


As you already know, packing takes a lot of time so it’s best that you get started as soon as possible. The obvious thing to do is to come up with a packing list to help you stay organized. This list should include all those things that you need to bring with you as well as those things that you will leave behind. If you have to start packing early it means that you need to get all the needed packing material even earlier. Some of the materials that you need include boxes of different shapes and sizes, tape, sticker labels, bubble­wrap, and marker pens. You can grab a couple of boxes from the grocery store in advance and reuse them on moving day. Label all the boxes, on all their sides. This will make it very easy for you to find one that you’re looking for in a stack. By the time you’re done packing; make sure that you have an inventory of everything. For example, you could assign all the boxes a number and write this number on a spreadsheet. This will be really helpful in case something goes missing. Lastly, pack an essentials bag where you will keep all your personal items. These include your phone, wallet and any important documents. Keep this bag in your car.

Keep Your Movers in the Loop and Treat Them Afterwards

Whether you ask your friends to help you move or hire the services of professional movers, it’s required that you communicate all the important details to them. For example, mention any overweight item that you own that might need disassembly. Also, get some snacks and cold drinks to serve your movers. They will really appreciate, especially if it’s on a hot summer day.

Get Friendly With The New Neighbors as You Familiarize Yourself with The New Rules

After moving into your new house, make sure to check that building’s new rules. Find out in advance if you’re required to make a security payment or book a service elevator on moving day. Lastly, make nice with your new neighbors. You can start off by making sure that the vehicle you’re using does not block your neighbor’s cars.

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This article was first published on 26th September 2018

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