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I read something weeks back that made me realize we truly need to be accountable if we are going to make any difference in our lives, on the job, in our world, in our relationships etc. We often hear of world economies being ruled by a few and I got thinking, so why are we not creating our few circles of accountability partners on whom we can connect with for every aspect of our lives. You could have one for your skill, another for family matters and another for business and finances and the list goes on. Being accountable does the following for you:
  • It helps you develop self-control and get results.
  • It also helps to build trust.
  • It encourages you by boosting your energy and the ability to do more
  • Your self-esteem rises a bar higher.
  • You become less afraid of repercussion because you accept responsibility
This doesn’t mean you should gather every Tom, Dick and Harry and make their voice have an impact on your matter. Building your own think-tank allows you to choose your board of directors, i.e. all the people whose opinion you value or can sieve through and decide on the best option before making a decision. Your accountability partner should be comfortable in their own skin and not threatened by your ability to think wide. That way you will get valuable feedback from them. This week, create a connection of people who can check up on your progress with the project you are handling or undertaking and watch your abilities soar.

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This article was first published on 13th November 2017


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