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Budgeting For Beginners


Budgeting is such an unexciting topic, especially when you are just getting started, but it is one of the most beneficial ways to live a financially secure life.

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Advantages Of Budgeting

Budgeting is all about having a plan for your money. It takes away impulsiveness and spending anxiety when you know just where your money is headed. It helps you tune your financial focus to immediate goals, short and long term, and appropriate your finances accordingly.

If you think you are out of control when it comes to spending your money, budgeting is the exact thing you do to get back in control. It is also a sure system to stay out of debt and financially evolve.

How To Create A Budget

  • Track down your previous expenditure.
  • Plan for your next expenditure.

Tracking down your spending exposes where your money has been going, all the while. You can track down expenditure by looking through your bank statement and transactions for previous months, and even all through the year. Look through your bills and miscellaneous. Sometimes, impulsive spending is what you should focus on, as you end up spending more than you planned, every time it is done on impulse.

Go through the list of expenditures and categorize them into the date and amount spent on groceries, feeding, clothing among others. You might be very shocked at the destination of your money, but this self-awareness will help you manage your spending going forward.

The next thing is to create a budget, preferably monthly.

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Identify Your Stream Of Income

Write down all your sources of income, and identify which of them comes monthly. This includes bonuses, regular salary, house upkeep, side hustles etc.

Identify Your Fixed Expenses

Write down all the non-negotiables that you cannot do without. This includes your rent, light bills, internet, utilities etc. and sum them all up.

After you have settled all your fixed expenses, identify what you have left. This is called variable spending.

After this has been done, you must realize that the real problem begins when you spend more than you earn. You solve this by creating financial goals.

The question to ask is how can I improve my financial journey? Begin by creating a system to settle any financial debt you might have incurred. As soon as this is done, then you know you now own the money that comes to you. Then create an emergency fund so you are proactive with your expenses. Finally, focus on your fixed expenses and spend minimally on your miscellaneous.

You might still feel the need to adjust your spending with time and you should only expend according to your goals.

Budgeting is a key ingredient of financial independence and these tips will help you begin your journey.

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