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  A wise man once said that “running a business in Nigeria is extreme sports”. That is a statement I find very true. Though I do not run a business currently, the challenges of those who do cannot be lost on those who do not because we are all connected. Everyone is running a side hustle or thinking about running one. Even if you do not you know someone who does. The whole point of this in relation with this review is that in The Rookie Entrepreneurby Funke Medun actually breaks down many aspects of the business establishment process in a manner that anyone qualified to even run one in the first place should be able to digest easily. This is Funke Medun’s first foray into the much-maligned self-help/entrepreneurship category. The book explores some of the most cogent aspects of starting and growing a business in the Nigerian business clime.
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“The Rookie Entrepreneur” is actually very readable and if you know anything about books in this category, you will know this a compliment. Enough said. I found reading it quite the breeze and I suspect it is down to the interesting manner in which Medun approaches this work. Now with self-help titles, readers tend to expect a master-student tone in the writer’s language but here one is pleasantly surprised at how Medun tells a story instead with her first effort and immediately that engages you right off the bat. Now, our writer is no natural story-teller by no means and you can tell that almost immediately especially from the lack of colour in those descriptive paragraphs and the overly simple manner of expression she employs. But Medun keeps it simple throughout the chapters interspersing narration with practical lessons for the budding entrepreneur as well as exercises to help the process. It seems to tread the fine line between an instructional textbook and children storybook and that seems to be the sweet spot.
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I would confess, the packaging had me expecting a Zig Ziglar-esque effort- which I apologise for- but instead, the experience was different. And not in a disappointing way at all. In fact, it was a pleasant experience and it is a work I would recommend for just that. The path to starting and growing a business in this country is as tough as it is. One does not need a complicated guide hence if one must educate him or herself prior to undertaking the path. The work is honest enough without even seeming deliberate about it. I find that the last two paragraphs lend themselves to this perception perfectly. Growth and sustainability probably are even more important for your business than beginning in the first place and when “shit hits the fan” in your business, you need to know what to do i.e. business continuity plan (BCP) and that is the business of those last two chapters. This is a read that I can actually highly recommend! Available on kindle and prints on Available in Prints in Nigerian stores Soon. Featured Image Source: Funke Medun
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This article was first published on 23rd November 2020


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