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  While many people could only see the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic especially at the onset, Nigerian-American businesswoman, Ella Peters, saw an opportunity to be inventive and wrote a book on food recipes titled ‘Guaranteed Delicious’, something that will sure outlive her and generations unborn.
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In a Facebook live interview with popular author, speaker, gospel minister, and social media personality, Dr Cindy Trimm, on Thursday, May 27, 2021, Ella narrated that the restriction on movements which included travel bans within and outside America meant she had to be home all day with her family, but seek ways to be equally creative. The ban on movement also saw schools shut down. As her kids studied virtually, they were home 24/7, and she had to do meals three times a day with snacks in-between, so she had to try not to repeat meals, which was really difficult until Ella and her 10-year-old son decided to embark on an adventurous cooking experiment of trying out different recipes. While many recipes worked, others did not, so she thought of creating a ‘central resource’ for families and people who want to try out new recipes in order to get amazing results. ‘Guaranteed Delicious’ is available for purchase on Amazon, but if you are sceptical about buying it, you probably feel it is nothing different from other recipe books you have read or used, here are five reasons why you should get it.

A Central Resource For Food Recipes

Without a doubt, the best inventions the globe has seen were born out of necessity and Guaranteed Delicious is no different. Ella’s desire to not repeat meals at home led to her cooking adventure and the end result is a book meant to help a lot of people around the globe who are confronted with the same challenge. You no longer have to fear repeating delicacies for yourself or your family; there are a lot of tricks that you will be exposed to by this book.
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Easy To Find Ingredients

Another captivating feature of Ella’s recipe is the fact that the ingredients used in preparing these recipes are easy to find in grocery stores. Most people are sceptical about using recipe books because they find it hard to get ingredients in stores but ‘Guaranteed Delicious’ is totally different. Ella wrote the book as someone seeking ways to be inventive in the kitchen other than most recipe books that were written with the major motive of earning from the sale.

Cooking Duration

Ella was mindful and ensured that readers will be getting the exact timing to prepare these meals, unlike most recipe books.

Easy To Understand

You do not have to be a professional chef or an experienced cook to understand this book, it is easy to understand. Whether it is your first time in the kitchen or not, you are guaranteed of finding it easy to understand what you are supposed to do.

The Picture In The Book Is What You Get After Cooking

It is no longer new to people when the picture of what they prepare is different from what they see in recipe books. However, ‘Guaranteed Delicious’ is totally different. Following Ella’s guide, the exact picture on the book is what you get after cooking, accompanied by its delicious taste. To learn more about ‘Guaranteed Delicious’, watch the video below To get a copy, visit: guaranteeddelicious Featured Image Source: Guaranteed Delicious
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This article was first published on 1st June 2021


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