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Black soup (esan) is one of the mouth-watering native delicacies indigenous to the Edo people in Edo state, Southern Nigeria. It is also called Edo Esan Soup and sometimes referred to as Omoebe. It derives its name from the dark colour it gets from the ground vegetable leaves. Traditionally, a stone is used to smoothly grind the vegetables. You can achieve the same result using a blender or food processor.
Black Soup.


The properties of the various blend of medicinal leaves – bitterleaf, uziza and Efinrin (can be substituted with scent leaves) – and the rich palm fruit sauce make it healthy and aids in cleansing the system. It is also believed to help in blood production. The assortment of bush meat, goat meat, offals like liver, heart and kidney, shaki, kanda (cow skin), cow leg, roasted fish, stockfish, smoked fish, smoked red prawns with which it is prepared gives every ball of eba or fufu a super story. The soup is traditionally served in a black earthenware pot which gives it a local appeal. It is really delicious with a heart-warming aroma.

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