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As a child, visiting the village every other December and getting enough stamina not to run from a masquerade took a while. They always looked fearsome and larger than life, plus the fact that they had a cane with them to flog any ‘bold’ person on their path. I also found out that some ‘cowards’, used that opportunity to chase and lash at people who had previously crossed their path or rubbed them off the wrong way. Why are they able to do this? The Mask! The mask prevents identification, hides your true composure, gives ‘false’ boldness and provides a shield of some sort! We all wear masks…oh yes, we do!
  • It is that smile on your face that says “all is well” when it is not.
  • It’s the makeup you wear to hide the bruises
  • It’s the attempt to be civil and courteous when truly you feel like puking over the person you are in conversation with.
  • It’s the things you borrow just to feel ‘among’ and keep up with the Joneses. But hey, who’s keeping tabs on you for that, it must be a busybody with nothing better to do.
If you keep wearing that mask, soon we won’t be able to differentiate the real you from the masquerade. Your real self and worth would have been lost on the altar of men-pleasers. ‘Wearing make-up’ is good but sometimes, the skin needs to breathe to be rejuvenated. While you are still plotting on your next move to impress others, take a cue! Be yourself! You owe this world that much, no one else can be the best you but you!

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This article was first published on 31st July 2017


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