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Banner Energy Limited on Thursday, the 29th of September 2016, unveiled its BannerGas Franchise Retailers Scheme, a door-to-door delivery product range, along with its LPG Auto Conversion solutions, as well as the company image rebranding, at its maiden Franchise Dealers Conference held at Homegate Resort, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

The BannerGas Franchise Retailers Scheme, which is a door-to-door LPG (cooking gas) delivery scheme, aims at creating maximum connectivity to end users of LPG, including homes, hotels, eateries, schools, laboratories, factories, etc., along with related LPG connection accessories, around its LPG filling plants localities across the country. The scheme’s maximum penetration strategies aim to deepen LPG demand by end users and expand operating space for more skilled workforce participation, employment generation and wealth creation in Nigeria’s LPG industry.


The simultaneous launch of the company brand logo images, website and social media platforms, along with the BannerGas Franchise Retailers Scheme and the BannerGas Autogas Conversion for vehicles, witnessed the showcasing of autogas converted vehicles, that will begin to run on LPG as fuel gas which vehicles can refuel at any of the BannerGas nationwide networks of over 45 LPG autogas retail filling stations.

The BannerGas Franchise Retailers Scheme is launched with 100 delivery vans for door-to-door LPG delivery operations, which some of them were at hand for inspection, unveiling and assignment to respective BannerGas Franchise retailers and dealers that were present at the event.


According to Mr. Nuhu Yakubu, the company’s Group CEO in his welcome address, “This company rebranding project along with double launch of the BannerGas Autogas Conversion Scheme and the BannerGas Franchise Retailers Scheme with attendant benefits for employment generation, technical skills acquisition and wealth creation, is one of the gains of the current federal government administration’s policy, on partial deregulation of the petroleum downstream sector. Considering the abundance of LPG supply in Nigeria, with its beneficial uses as clean and affordable replacement fuel for petrol (PMS), kerosene, diesel, LPFO, HPFO, firewood, coal, sawdust and other unclean and environmentally unfriendly fuels, the launch sounds a welcome relief in response to the positive direction for energy policy of the federal government.”

Mr. Yakubu furthered, that “We are indeed very pleased to have hosted the BannerGas Franchise Dealers Workshop, which has afforded us the opportunity to exchange ideas with our dealers and gain their contributions to the franchise dealership scheme since they play the key role of supervising our franchise retailers activities. We have been able to share with the dealers, insights into the opportunities being created by BannerGas across the LPG value chain, from LPG bulk and retail trading, for purposes of autogas transportation, off/on-grid power generation, petrochemicals, agriculture, and many more, with the attendant socio-economic benefits on the economy; which benefits include reversing the ravaging energy poverty in our rural and urban dwellings in the midst of plenty, reversing desertification, reducing demand pressure on Nigeria’s US Dollar foreign reserves, due to massive spend on imported fuels (PMS, kerosene, AGO, etc) and stabilizing the local currency, the Naira.”


“The conference is about increasing the use of LPG for various applications throughout Nigeria, as well as improving delivery channels to consumers”, said Mr. Ade Makinde, the company’s Head of Operations. LPG consumers are on the increase but unlike developed countries, access to the product is a drawback, and to that effect, BannerGas has taken the lead to deliver LPG directly to consumers through our wide network of BannerGas Franchise Dealership LPG retail plants, and now this newly launched BannerGas Franchised Retailers Scheme.

The company’s head of operations, in his detailed explanation of how the scheme operates further, pointed out the fact that “BannerGas franchise empowerment scheme was birthed from the drive to create direct employment/empowerment for Nigerians, through the increased use of LPG.”

The BannerGas Franchise Retailers Scheme delivers the following advantages and convenience to consumers of LPG.

The door to door delivery product range is designed to encompass the set-out advantages:

  • Creating convenience via home delivery.
  • Create customer satisfaction through efficient services.
  • Create employment/empowerment for Nigerians.
  • The scheme is designed to create a clear path to the last link users (consumers).
  • The scheme aims to discourage patronage of unregulated illegal and unsafe roadside retailing of LPG, to drown out the notion of cylinder short-filling, sub-standard products, and unsafe dispensing methods, and prevent LPG related fire outbreaks.
  • Create ease of payment via the BannerGas/Access Bank Plc partnership, with the use of the innovative sales collection packages (PayWithCapture and MPOS packages).

The event stressed on the need for strict adherence to safety practices and regulatory compliance, with the company’s Director of Power/Engineering Engr. Chudi Onwuyirigbo and the company’s head of LPG systems installations, operations, and maintenance, Mr. Hafiz Yesuf, taking their turns to educate the conference delegates.


About Banner Energy Limited

Banner Energy Limited is an energy and power business development and management company, with expertise in gas and power infrastructure design, development, operations, and management. Banner is big in LPG bulk and retail trading infrastructure development, bulk sales and distributions, operating over 45 LPG retail filling plants across Nigeria, and further expanding its retail footprint with its on-going expansion installations of additional 24 LPG retail filling plants from 4th quarter 2016 through to 2nd quarter 2017. Banner currently enjoys the active funding support of the Bank of Industry and Access Bank Plc, on the local part; and FAS/Euler-Hermes and Commerz Bank of Germany on the foreign part.

Banner Energy’s LPG technology partners are FAS – Germany and DEC- Belgium, and on the Power infrastructure technology infrastructure side, for the development of the on-going LPG fired embedded generation thermal power plants, and on-grid generation is GE and Mitsubishi/Hitachi. Banner Energy is currently developing the BannerGas Terminal LPG storage and ship loading/offloading facility at Ikot Abasi, in Akwa-Ibom State.

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This article was first published on 30th September 2016

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