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Yesterday and over the weeks, so many incidences made me have a re-think about people and situations and as much as I try not to compare them, when you see a pattern – it is easy to tell if there’s change coming or we are in for a long horrible ride with that person. Bad attitude sucks! Granted, no one particularly likes being scolded or corrected, but like our on-point manual and Book of Life says, “God corrects those He loves” and in another place, “Godly sorrow leads to repentance.” Yes, I know some people have taken the duty of criticizing everything you do. But when what is being complained about is done by other people too, then you really need to Stop, Listen, Sieve and get to work; on YOURSELF! These days when I hear certain complaints, I take the exercise myself. Other times, I simply just feel the check in me immediately and I rearrange or ask different buddies for their opinions and then I easily see a ‘Repeat’ suggestion which I follow.
  • Stop
  • Listen
  • Sieve
  • Work
  • Intentionally become the New You.
Sometimes, people don’t change. So, you work on you!

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This article was first published on 21st August 2017 and updated on August 25th, 2017 at 3:19 pm


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