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  CcHub says it’s accepting applications from startups looking to join its Createch Accelerator 1.0 program. The program, which is the first of its kind organized by the hub, is designed for founders and teams whose businesses operate at the intersection of creativity and technology.
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The CcHub Createch Accelerator 1.0 aims to help the startups it targets with the knowledge, networks and finance they need to scale and attain profitability. Successful startups supported by the program will be at the forefront of enhancing the value chains in Africa’s creative economy. The startups to be selected for the accelerator should have developed solutions that enable access to market, supply chain, market intelligence, payments and monetization for creatives in Africa.


Applicants chosen to take part in the accelerator will benefit from it in the following ways:
  • Gain access to a network of creatives and tech ecosystem leaders from across the continent
  • Get access to expert advisory on talent, distribution and funding
  • Have the opportunity to pitch to the CcHub syndicate for equity funding of up to $250,000
  • Get access to technology support
  • Get partner credits from Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hubspot, and others

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Startups intending to apply for this program are expected to meet these conditions:
  • Must have an existing technology-driven solution in the market, with customers and revenue
  • The solution should enable access to market and audiences, supply chains, market intelligence and insights, community development, payments and monetization in the creative economy
  • Have a dedicated management team
  • Should have its headquarters in Africa and must be operating on the continent
Applications will remain open until 4 March 2022. If you would like to apply for the CcHub Createch Accelerator 1.0, click here. Featured image source: E-business life
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This article was first published on 15th February 2022


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