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With QuickOffice for Android, you can easily create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Its file manager is simple and intuitive, and it lets you access local files and those stored in your Google Drive account. It doesn’t require any converting to proprietary formats, and it can easily save your updated files to your Google Drive account in the cloud. You can create folders and organize your content, and all of your changes will automatically sync to Google Drive. You can even browse to a locally stored file on your device, and copy, cut, or share it to your account in the cloud. To start editing, simply tap on one of your files onscreen, or hit the “+” button at the top to create a new document. Quickoffice is built to edit Microsoft Office files and not much else. This means you can use it for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, but not the Google Docs files that are stored on your Drive. QuickOffice also has the ability to create and edit PowerPoint presentations. QuickOffice is great because it can handle Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files natively (so you don’t have to convert anything), and it can connect directly to your Google Drive account for easy backup. A very good app for the modern executive.   About the author: Roman Ajiboye is a freelance writer who loves books, social media and the web. His articles have appeared on and He writes opinion pieces via, personal essays on his blog, and tweets via @HammedAjiboye

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This article was first published on 3rd December 2014

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