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  Thrive Agric is an investment platform that supports farmers by helping them commercialise their ventures and enables investors to support farmers by channelling their resources in the right platform. Thrive Agric provides support for agricultural ventures by enabling people to invest in farms at certain seasons. The platform is open to investors who want to have an impact on agriculture and make a profit while doing so.
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With the Thrive Agric app, you can make investments and manage ongoing ones. The app gives you the freedom to; Fund A Farmer In Few Clicks The seamless experience it provides puts the customer first. You can fund a farmer easily from the mobile app. Make A Profit Without Lifting A Finger Thrive Agric makes agriculture profitable for you through improved processes and scale that drives increased yield. All you have to do is cross your fingers for your returns. Fund A Farmer As Your Pocket Says With options to increase or reduce how much you want to fund a farmer with, you have all the control.
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Earn Competitive Returns Thrive Agric is invested in changing the lives of farmers while putting decent returns in your pocket. Monitor Your Funded Farms Thrive Agric keeps you in the loop with immersive and regular multimedia updates from the farms. You can get the feel of the farm from your comfort. The platform is transparent. It displays all your funds, you can fully stay on top of every process from farmer onboarding to input distribution, planting, down to harvest. Click any of the links below to download the app. Featured Image Source: Invest Small
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This article was first published on 25th July 2020


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