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Exams like JAMB and WAEC are around the corner and as a result, students will be taking advantage of every strategy available to ace their exams. Since the introduction of the Computer Based Test (CBT) system for JAMB, students have been compelled to embrace a technological style of studying that involves answering a wide range of random questions online as opposed to the monotonous Paper-Based system that obtained before. This is where PrepUp comes into play.

PrepUp is the ideal app for JAMB, WAEC, and NECO exams in the sense that it takes into consideration all the requirements necessary for students to ace these exams. The app was built by Elvis Chidera, a young tech scholar and engineer who saw the need to make his preparation for WAEC more seamless. Through Prep Up, he successfully aced his University-entry board exams and he is now making it possible for high school students around Nigeria to study effectively and efficiently for these exams.

Meet The App

PrepUp is completely free and accessible offline to many students who find it beneficial, as it is a part of Facebook’s Free Basics.  Registration is simple and straight to the point. First, you enter your phone number after which Facebook sends you a login code. Next, you are required to create your account by providing your full name and gender. What comes next is a breath of fresh air; you have one of the simplest interfaces you would ever come across on an app staring right back at you. This, in my opinion, is fitting for students who may just want to go straight into studying instead of navigating through a complicated setting. On the homepage lie the three board exams JAMB, WAEC, and NECO which you can click on and practice for. Clicking on “JAMB” for example would lead to all the subjects administered on the board. There are practice questions and timed exams available for each subject. In addition, there are tutorial videos for various subjects which students can watch to understand concepts more effectively.

In an overall sense, PrepUp comes with the complete package as it allows students to study, practice, and understand concepts by watching tutorial videos. These are essentially the requirements necessary for acing board exams.

What PrepUp Offers In A Nutshell.

PrepUp offers over 30,000 practice questions and answers for JAMB, WAEC, and NECO.

It is completely free.

You can test your skills by partaking in a multiplayer match with friends.

You can track your progress.

Keep updated on schools in Nigeria.

Access to JAMB e-syllabus and past questions.

Access to all subjects administered on JAMB, WAEC, and NECO boards.

Getting The App

PrepUp is available to download on Google Play store. Click here to get the app

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This article was first published on 19th February 2019


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