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Whot is an undeniable classic when it comes to popular games in Nigeria. It is a game most Nigerians would hardly think twice about playing when an opportunity arises. That is why it has stood the test of time despite the influx of more highly sophisticated games into the country over the years.

Things have gotten even better since the launch of Naija Whot, a mobile app game that was designed to imitate the Whot model. This game is not only fun but also has all the right features to keep you coming back for more.    

Naija Whot can be played by people of all ages because it is very easy to play. It also has all the cards that are in a typical Whot game, which include the following shapes or symbols:







Naija Whot
Naija Whot

In order to start playing the game, you will need to choose between three modes namely:





The Quickplay mode allows you the options of playing with just one robot in the same way you would play against a single opponent in real life. Whoever “checks up” first is declared winner and you can decide if you want to play again or not.


Just like any tournament game, you will be pitted against three other players (robots) and will have to bring them down one after the other. The best tip for this round is to play the highest number of cards first because if someone checks up, you and the other player will be forced to tender your cards and the player with the highest number of cards loses the round. The Tournament mode is known to be an adrenaline trigger so brace up!


This mode allows you to play with friends who have Naija Whot installed on their phones. All you “Whot-loving” folks have to do is connect your phones via hotspot to a single phone which will serve as the host. Your mobile data won’t be lost in this process so you have nothing to worry about.

Symbols, Shapes and What They All Mean

Understanding all the symbols and shapes in the Naija Whot game is quite straight-forward but for the newbies, here is all you have to know:

– A card can be played if it corresponds according to number or shape. This means that you can play the same number or symbol as the card your opponent played.

– If a card has the inscription “Whot” on it then a player can always use it to request for any shape of his/her choice which the opponent is expected to provide or go to the stockpile otherwise known as “MARKET” to pick another card if he does not have it.

– A player who has a card with the number “1” (HOLD ON) written on it is allowed to play again (Quick Mode) while the next player is skipped in Tournament mode.

– If a card is played with the number “2” written on it, the next player is expected to pick two more cards (PICK TWO) from the market or play a card with the corresponding number (in defense).

– When a player plays a card with the number “14” on it, all other players except the person that played it are expected to visit the market to pick cards.

Asides from all these details, winning in the Whot game involves tact and sometimes sheer luck. Ensure to always arrange your cards well and be ready to strike with your special card when your opponent shows signs of winning.

Getting The App

Naija Whot is available on the Google Play store at a size of 15 MB and has been downloaded over 100 thousand times. It can be supported on any Android version from 4.4 and above. You can download it by clicking the link below:

Play Store

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This article was first published on 4th April 2019


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