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Bikes, Motorcycles, or “Okadas” as they are called in Nigeria have always had their place in urban cities around the globe. The advantage they have over automobiles is apparent when the average commuter has been caught in traffic and needs to make it in time for an important meeting. Despite how smooth they are at beating traffic congestions, Okadas, however, have their shortcomings. For instance, The Okada mode of transportation in Nigeria is not very structured and as a result, does not guarantee customers standard services like safety, on-demand arrivals, and support systems. This is what Gokada, an on-demand motorbike hailing app, focused on leveraging the advantage Okadas have over other means of transportation, has set out to solve. Founded in 2018, Gokada is offering Nigerians a more secure, convenient, and timely way to commute with the use of Okada. What Gokada Is Offering
Gokada riders.
The app was designed in the same fashion as behemoth ride-hailing  app, Uber, which lets users book rides from drivers within their vicinity. From 200 cc bikes to well trained, tactful drivers, the unique selling point Gokada has is quite evident when compared to its traditional counterparts which utilise 100 cc bikes, have unprofessional drivers and are restricted from accessing certain routes in Lagos. The drivers on Gokada are required to attend a Driver Training School where they learn how to drive around Lagos and be professional in their service to clients. In order to ensure that their service is within reach of every commuter in Lagos, Gokada plans to have up to 5000 drivers within the next few months. How To Use The App
Gokada has a relatively simple interface which lets you request for rides in good timing. After a quick download, you can simply open the app, enter your location and tap the “request ride” icon. Within minutes, the driver will call you to confirm your location, arrive to pick you up and hand you a hairnet and helmet and off you go! Once your driver has reached your destination safely and ends the trip, you pay cash according to the rate of your trip. Getting The App The app is available on Google Play store at a size of 4.91MB. You can also get it on the app market on your phone or on the official website Click on any of the links below to download the app: Get Gokada for Android Get Gokada for iOS   Sources: Medium, Daily Post, Tech Cabal

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This article was first published on 28th November 2018


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