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Carxie is a car-hailing app that was recently launched in Nigeria to enhance the nation’s transport sector and provide more jobs for Nigerians around the country. The app has been designed to ensure comfort, affordability and most importantly, security, for both drivers and passengers.

Practical Safety Measures

Carxie has features to make sure vices like theft and kidnapping are forestalled. All drivers are expected to submit their Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) as a means of social identification. All vehicles are also automatically tracked, and voice chats are possible during rides. Vehicles and drivers are thoroughly vetted to ensure courteous and comfortable service.

A Job Providing Service

Thankfully, Carxie is another avenue for employment and wealth creation in Nigeria. Users can benefit from the app by referring drivers to the service. For every driver users bring, they earn one percent. According to Chinedu Amadi, Operations Director of the Dukan Group, the parent company of CarXie:
“For every driver you bring on board, you earn one per cent. For each ride the driver makes, you earn one per cent of it. If you have 50 drivers under your portfolio, you earn ₦170,000 to ₦240,000 for just being a partner. The more drivers you have on your platform, the more money you make.”
This makes the service a lifetime opportunity for users as they continue to earn money as long as the drivers they refer are using the platform; bringing more drivers to the platform attracts more money. Carxie pays partners and drivers alike according to the distance traveled and a factor like traffic situation is even considered. According to Amadi, the service is expected to provide up to 36,000 jobs to drivers and 5,000 jobs to its executive partners across Nigeria within five years of its start-up. So far, Carxie has kicked off in Lagos, Abuja, and Owerri.

Getting The App

Carxie is available on Google Play store in any of these two categories – for drivers or cab owners and for riders or partners. You can download the app for both android and ios devices from these links below: Get Carxie for Android here. Get Carxie for iOS here.

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This article was first published on 4th September 2018


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