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Among the tribes in Nigeria, there are meals that may look and taste the same but have different preparation processes. One of such meals is apapa which is prepared mostly by the Ebira of Kogi State and looks like moi-moi.  But unlike moi moi, it has a darker colour shade because during preparation the coats of the beans are left in place.


Beans – 3 cups

Palm oil – 1 cooking spoon

Seasoning – 2 cubes

Onion – 1 medium size

Grounded crayfish – 1 tbs

Pepper 4 – 6 (to taste)

Salt (to taste)


Prepare uma leaves for wrapping the apapa by washing thoroughly with salt and enough water.

Pick the beans and wash it properly.

Soak in water for at least 10 – 15 minutes to make it soft.

Next, blend the beans together with the onion and peppers.

Pour the blended beans into a bowl and add salt and seasoning of your taste, then mix thoroughly.

After that, add the palm oil (you can choose to heat the palm oil for a short period before adding it).

Add the crayfish, then add water in bits while stirring till you get the desired consistency -neither too thick nor too watery.

Now to the last and most interesting part of the meal, carefully use a scoop to pour your mix into the leaves, then wrap.

Then place them in a pot of water and leave to boil (make sure the water is at an adequate level to avoid burning).

Allow it to cook for about 30 mins, then check. If you think it still needs more time, add a little more water and allow to cook longer.

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This article was first published on 15th June 2018


Amara Adanna Ogbonna is a Christian, foodie, and lover of arts. She spends most of her time on Facebook.

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