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Unlike many would have thought, An Evening with Chimamanda did not turn into a heated argument on feminism. Rather, it was an evening filled with excitement and intellectual discussions bothering on feminism, bride price, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s love for Nigerian-made clothing, a few writing tips and a sneak peak on her next moves. Chimamanda graced the event looking quite casual, yet, very stunning, her dress sense however, wasn’t the only thing about her that mesmerized fans — the Nigerian also has a good sense of humor.

The Discussion

It was only right that Chimamanda began the conversation by clearing the air on what exactly feminism should be, as opposed to preconceived notions on who a feminist is.
Feminism is not about women wanting to be men, I’m very happy to be a woman, it’s about creating equal opportunities for both men and women. We’re saying gender should not be a reason to hold people back.” – Adichie
Speaking on chivalry, the writer decried the perception that women are lower than men, stating that gentlemanliness should be purely from courtesy and not gender rationales. On the issue of bride price, she acknowledged that, though she loves and respects the Igbo culture, the idea of bride price does not regard the true value of the African woman.

Sneak Peak

Chimamanda thrilled her fans with the big news that her 2013 best seller, Americanah was optioned for a film by Lupita Nyong’o, who will be playing the main character, Ifemelu. The book will also receive a series spin-off, and the script is currently in the works by Black Panther star, Danai Gurira.

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This article was first published on 25th September 2018


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