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Corporate outfits sometimes can be a challenge to pull off, especially if your company doesn’t have straightforward policies on dress code. Unless your job requires a uniform, choosing what to wear day-by-day can be tough. Looking good is always good for business. If the weekend’s hassles didn’t give you enough time to plan properly for this week’s outfit, we’ve got you covered. Check out a list of styles that can work for a range of offices types (formal, professional and business-casual):
  1. If you have a soft-spot for heels, go for peep toes, slingbacks or the classic black or nude pump heels.
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2. If you organization allows jeans (on days other than Friday), don’t go for loud or bizarre washes. Dark and white jeans are the way to go. Always dress your jeans up with a nice top, button-down shirt or blazer.
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Bear in mind that dressing casually it’s not a license to be sloppy. Avoid wearing clothing with inappropriate inscriptions printed on them or which communicate anything offensive. 3. High-waist skirts or trousers always add a touch of professionalism to your outfit.  
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4. Bag it up. A reliable bag is essential. You will need a bag that completes your ensemble and shows a little of your wardrobe personality. A tote bag or doctor handbag can pull off your style effortlessly.Ogo Photo credit: Finally, if you choose to wear make-up to work, keep it subtle. Remember, workplace, not club.

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This article was first published on 26th February 2018


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