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Airtel Nigeria has unveiled “Call Assist”, a new phone call management Value Added Service (VAS) specially designed for the convenience of top corporate and business executives. With the Call Assist service, customers can transfer calls from their phones to designated assistants who will take messages on their behalf when they are busy and cannot take calls. To sign up for the service, customers can subscribe by sending *464# to the short code 38464 and will be charged N750 per month irrespective of service class or tariff plan. The service is available in three options: Live, Controlled and Timed. With the “Live” option, phones of the call owner and his assistant ring at the same time. If the call is picked by the call owner and he does not wish to engage in long discussions with the caller, the call can be transferred to the designated assistant by dialling *1. However, if the assistant picks the call and needs to transfer the call to the call owner, then the assistant will need to dial *2. Under the “Controlled” option, the call owner’s phone rings, but he either drops or rejects the call, and the call is automatically transferred to his assistant to talk to the caller. For the “Timed” option, when the call owner does not pick his call after about 10 seconds, the call is automatically transferred to the assistant. There is also the option of restricting the service to work on only weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., where the customer can subscribe by sending “ON WD” to 38464, and unsubscribe by sending “OFF WD” to same number. If customers desire to white-list or privatise a number, such that only their phones ring when such numbers call, they would be required to send “PRIVATE” and the call number to 38464. Customers can also choose to unsubscribe at any point by sending “ON” or “OFF” to 38464.     Source: ThisDay

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This article was first published on 3rd November 2015


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