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ConnectNigeria_MobileHealthSevices   Leading communications services provider, Airtel Nigeria, has partnered with Grameen Foundation and VAS2nets Technologies Ltd to unveil two pertinent mobile health services tagged Mobile Midwife and Dial-a-Doctor. These services were developed in an effort to reduce infant and maternal mortality rate in Nigeria. Mobile Midwife is a mobile service designed to provide vital healthcare and nutrition information to Nigerian citizens. The purpose of the Dial-a-Doctor service is to provide real-time help to pregnant women, nursing mothers and mothers with children under five years of age. Both services also offer unhindered access to adequate healthcare services and medical advisories to the target group. The Mobile Midwife service comes in two variants – prenatal services and newborn/mother services. Both services are targeted at improving antenatal seeking behaviour of pregnant women and access to validated health and nutrition information. The Dial-a-Doctor service offers subscribers first hand opportunity to speak to a doctor by dialling 67777. Users are billed N30 per minute when connected to a doctor. On the other hand, to subscribe and register for the Mobile Midwife pre-natal services, customers are expected to dial 1561. Upon registration, subscribers receive calls from the service once a week, with information which is tailored to their stage of pregnancy. They can also call in and speak to experienced medical personnel at any time. For newborn/mother services, customers are required to dial 1561 to listen to the voice prompt and register for the service. Upon registration, subscribers will receive information, at frequent intervals, via IVR, throughout the first year of the child’s life. The Mobile Midwife subscription service is billed at N30 per week. Subscribers are notified every day for the last 2 days before expiration of their subscription. Customers registered for the service can also dial 1561 to speak directly with a doctor at N50 per minute at any time and on any day of the week.

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This article was first published on 27th September 2014

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