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Airtel Nigeria is offering huge data bonuses to its customers with its recent double data offer. The popular ‘Smartphone Network’ is doubling its data volumes for the same price to loyal and eligible users of the network. Previously, the indigenous ‘Grandmasters of Data’ – Glo, offered the highest data volumes for the cheapest prices, but they reduced their data offering recently. With ₦2,500 you can get up to 10GB on Airtel with it’s recent offerings. Airtel Double Data gives you a double of whatever data plan you buy while using the double data offer. This means that when you purchase the regular ₦1,000 plan for 1.5GB, you’ll receive an additional 1.5GB, totalling 3GB of data for ₦1,000. The data bonus offer from Airtel is valid for 6 months. The monthly subscription will end 30 days as data validity period but the double data offer will be available to users for.


To check if you are eligible, dial *144#. If it shows a popup like the image below, that means you are eligible for the Airtel Double Data Offer. Also, when you check your airtime balance, you’ll see a notice from Airtel asking you to try out the 100% data bonus offer. airtel data pic How to Subscribe When you dial *144#, select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to buy and activate any data plan of your choice from the displayed options.
  1. 400MB for 200Naira valid for 3 days.
  2. 1.5GB for 500naira valid for 14 days.
  3. 3GB for 3,000Naira valid for 30 days.
  4. 7GB for 2,000Naira valid for 30days.
  5. 10GB for 2,500naira valid for 30days.
  You can check your account balance using the USSD code *140#

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This article was first published on 3rd May 2018


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2 thoughts on “Tip of The Day: How to Subscribe for Airtel Double Data Offer”

  • Skizzybrown_ej
    Is an up rising star in Nigeria
    As a pop singer in the Music Industry
    With so much talent
    And his ambitious is to take it all round the world
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    It is very Unfortunate for an organization like AIRTEL NIG. to deceived its customer in the name of subscription for data bundle.
    On Friday 5-june- 2020, I received a message from AIRTEL(DOUBLE DATA) that says Just activate N1200 bundle and get and get 2GB with the additional of 2GB making 4GB. But very unfortunate after I bought the data then I discovered it was only 2GB and the residual 2GB has not been credited to me yet.
    Below are the messages which I received on Friday for the evidences.
    “Free 2GB Bonus is waiting for you! Just activate N1200 bundle and get 2GB + FREE 2GB Bonus instantly, thats 4GB. To enjoy, Dial *141*1200# and buy bundle.”
    Still after subscription here are the messages I received again; ” Your N1200 Monthly Plan has been successfully activated. You will receive a menu shortly, to select if you want to auto-renew this bundle”. Another message again;
    “Your Balances Are: Monthly Bundle: 2048MB till 04-July; “Your Balances Are: Monthly Bundle: 2048MB till 04-July;
    .You are on FREE SURF (160MB free, rate up to N2/MB)”
    So with the above evidences, I want AIRTEL NIG. to give me my residual data as YOU said.
    Here is my number for your perusal; 08022927048,Thanks.

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