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Though life has been made somewhat easy with the quick-fix method, microwave mentality etc.; We learn some things the hard way! Given that some of the learning curves for progress involves processes and occasionally long periods of observations before conclusions are drawn. We can make that process enjoyable while we wait and/or observe.
Drop by drop, it fills the cup A little here, much progress there That small piece of candle Lights up the dark hallway The baby in the cradle Becomes the man with a mantle
If you will go far on your journey, you need to take the first step and another and yet another. Waiting for the perfect day, when the Sun is at the right temperature, will only prolong your move and delay your conquest. It may not look like much, but your daily add-ons, keeps stress and frustration away. Add a line or page to that proposal or article. Make the first call, subsequent ones will be easy. Save a Naira or two a day and watch the first move aka your add-on yield fruits. So what’s it going to be? Yes or yes?! Make that move now!

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This article was first published on 14th August 2017


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