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  If a random person picks up the phone, in an instant they would be able to tell about the silent war that is going on on the internet. There is a dangerous wedge that is growing between the 9-5ers and entrepreneurs.
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The 9-5er believes that entrepreneurship has too much uncertainty while the entrepreneur believes that the 9-5er is limited by his boss. These arguments keep getting heated and the stats tend to tilt in whatever direction the wind blows. According to a survey by wage indicator, the average 9-5er earns an average of 43,200 Naira per month as of 2020 which brings it up to 518,400 Naira per annum. On the other hand, a PWC Nigeria SME Survey recorded that in 2016, small businesses had a profit that was equal to 50 percent of the national GDP. What this means to say is that the registered businesses which are about 17million earn 12 billion Naira per year, on average. This already sways the argument in favour of entrepreneurs. The next hurdle that a random person in paragraph one would face is the challenge of flexibility in work hours. Entrepreneurs are known to spend approximately 14 hours every day on the business. This does not mean that they are working round the clock but they spend a lot of daylight in their businesses. While this is strenuous, they are still able to create time for other things if they so choose to. In comparison, a 9-5er has a strict resumption time of 9-5. They hardly receive leave from their employers. Here, it is indeed hard going to present the trophy.
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Third, on the list is an allowance for creativity. Continuous working like a cog would leave one demoralized. With this in view, many 9-5ers come back with an attitude. This is because the nature of their work hardly engages their creativity. They take orders from above and act as the letter implies. An entrepreneur has a wider bandwidth for creativity. He/she is able to marry both work and creativity together because they control the order of affairs. Security would be the last straw to break the Camel’s back. Entrepreneurs are only limited by the type of product that they market. When the product goes out of sale and demands drop, they can do nothing but switch to another product. This does not in any way cause them to lack financial security. Unfortunately, not all 9-5ers have that opportunity to change jobs as swiftly as they would like in case of emergency layoffs. This is the edge they have over 9-5ers. In conclusion, while this list is inexhaustible, these three above are the meat in which the silent war has its root. The advice, therefore, is that wherever you find yourself, you should strive to put all the above factors into play for a full life. We are curious, what path would you choose and what are your reasons for favouring that side. Featured Image Source: Nasdaq
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This article was first published on 27th October 2021


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