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Acquiring a second-hand or used car for sale comes with a lot of risks. Whether the car is locally or foreign used, as a buyer, you need to certify the state of the car before buying it. No car dealer will tell you that his car is bad. No matter the persuasions of any car salesman, attempting to cajole you to buy a car, it is expedient that you carry out a thorough investigation into the car to spot out red flags such as rust, burnt-out bulbs, foul smells, leaking fluids among others. No matter how attractive and shiny a used car looks, it will be beneficial to uncover some edges that might be concealed before choosing to buy the car. Here are some things to review when inspecting any used cars for sale before you buy them:
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  • Do Not Inspect Used Cars At Night
This is a logical thing to do. Inspecting used cars that have been put up for sale at night will conceal important details such as the true body colour, interior wear or a broken appliance. In the absence of enough lighting, you might omit important details. It is ill-advised to buy a car at night.
  • Inspect The Body Frame Of The Used Cars 
Be on the lookout for sloppy bodywork. To do this, you can use a rubberized magnet along the sides of the magnet to detect body fillers. This will be exposed where body fillers are because the magnet won’t stick. In a case where the rubberized magnet is unavailable, you can knock the sides to see how it sounds.
  • Check Equipment Functionality
Verify if the accessories such as radio, brake lights and pads, interior lights, and other installations are in perfect condition. Check if modifications are properly fitted.
  • Inspect The Conditions Of The Tyres
Ensure that the tires are not worn out and threadbare. If they are, they are dangerous and thus, unmotorable. When tyres are worn across the face, it means it has an alignment problem. The lower the mileage of the cars, the newer the tyres should look. You can distinguish the mileage of the cars with the tyres.
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  • Check The Car’s Engine Oil
Before buying a used car, inspect the engine oil. Good oil should either be light or dark brown. If it is black and smells greasy, it should be replaced before use.
  • Check The Vehicle’s Automatic Transmission Fluid With A Dipstick
The fluid should be medium red or dark red. It shouldn’t have a burnt odour, otherwise, it means it has a serious wear problem.
  • Know The Car’s History
Inquire if the car has been in a recent accident, and know if it was appropriately repaired. Without accurate fixing, you might be buying your own coffin. Many accidents have occurred in the past as a result of poor repair. 
  • Check The Hoses And Fan Belts In The Cars For Any Cracking
To ensure that the car’s hoses and fan belts are in good shape, carry out a test drive on the car. Pay attention to how the steering feels and the sound as you start the car. When you accelerate or decelerate, check the rearview mirrors for signs of smoking out of the tailpipe. Featured image source: Naijauto Check the best deals on new and used cars  on ConnectNigeria here
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This article was first published on 13th March 2022 and updated on April 20th, 2022 at 10:27 pm


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