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Yes! There are certain foods that you should avoid 99%. That is, you can allow yourself to eat them only 1% of the time. Always remember that there is a time to eat properly and a time to feast (a bad if done more than zero times each month! Yes, that’s right, “not-even-once-in-six months!”).  1% of 365days in a year is 3.65 equivalents to 3 or 4 serving per day in a year. Slash eating the following foods:high_fructose_corn_syrup

1. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS): It is a sweetener that is used to replace normal sugar. It presents great health risk even more than other sweeteners, contributes to deadly cardiovascular disease like high blood pressure (HBP) and chronic heart disorders. Check food labels (fruit juice and the likes), soft drinks and sodas before consumption. If HFCS is an ingredient, drop it (but not in your shopping bag). Do you know that fructose increases a certain enzyme that makes sugar increases the risk of cancer?

2. Deep fried foods: Kick out fats. Stop those trans-fatty, artery clogging, heart–endangering oil from fried foods. You lose all the benefit from fish by frying it making it nothing better than pomo. Instead, bake or broil (drying by heat), this lowers the risk by about 30%.

3. Popcorn: From the chemically lined bag to its actual contents, popcorn is at the center of lung cancer debates around the world. Not only are the kernels and oil likely genetically modified, the fumes released from artificial flavouring are toxic to humans.

4. Grilled red meat: Grilled foods might taste delicious however, scientists have discovered that preparing meat this way releases cancer-causing chemicals which are as a result of the smoke from fat grilling. You are better off baking or broiling meat in a pan than on a grill.

Photo by Pietus via Shutterstock
Photo by Pietus via Shutterstock

5. Seasonings and dehydrated packaged soups: Avoid all the ones loaded with sodium and other chemicals. Instead, go natural and season with locust beans, salt-free herb blend, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, etc.

6. Refined sugar: Surprisingly, even brown sugar is highly refined white sugar with some of the removed molasses added back in for flavour and colour. Refined sugars (including foods made with them) are a source of major blood sugar spike and they feed the growth of cancer cells. A healthier option is honey.

7. Salted and smoked foods: These foods typically contain preservatives, such as nitrates, which are intended to prolong shelf life. The additives used in processed food can accumulate in your body over time. Eventually, those toxins cause damage which leads to a lot of diseases. When smoked foods are cooked at high temperature, the nitrates are converted to much more dangerous nitrites.

8. Soda and carbonated beverages: These drinks have been at the centre of health debates for a long time now. They are filled with a lot of sugar, colouring, dyes and a host of other chemicals; they are very bad for every aspect of our health. They provide zero nutritional value and rob your body of nutrients you get from other foods. Worst of it all is that it contains aspartame, a chemical which is no better than rat poison to human cells.

People talk a lot about ‘cures’ in health industry but there’s a saying you probably heard from your grandparents that makes a lot more sense…prevention is better than cure.

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This article was first published on 22nd November 2016


Monsur Kareem writes and researches on healthy living. He is currently running a Masters degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- Ife, Osun State. You can follow him on social media by clicking the icons below.

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