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If you would like to attend a Business Fair soon, the Connect Nigeria Business Fair: 2020 vision is a good place to start. It’s the biggest annual event for emerging businesses in Africa, attracting thousands of participants every year. The conference exposes entrepreneurs and corporate teams to the strategies that they need to grow their businesses.

Business conferences and exhibitions have become a firm part of Nigeria’s industrial setup. Today, there are big annual events organized for specific industries—oil and gas, fashion, finance, automotive, education, and media –and for more general audiences.

These shows attract a large number of professionals, brand representatives, and enthusiasts, and give these people the chance to interact and promote their products and services.

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If you haven’t been to a trade show before, you may be wondering why you need to attend one. Here, we’ll give you seven ways you can benefit from being at a business conference or exhibition. Hopefully, they will convince you to spare some time for events this year.

How You Can Benefit from Attending CN BizFair

1. Brand Exposure

If you are a business and you would like a lot more people to know about your products and services, you should try exhibiting at a business fair. The bigger ones will have hundreds or thousands of people coming around to check out the brands on display. A good number of them could stop by your stand, and learn a bit about what you offer. They could eventually become your customers.

If you have the resources, you could even partner with the organizers of the trade show, and have your brand logo and information displayed more prominently around the venue of the show.

2. Networking

CN BizFair present you with a fine opportunity to meet up with like-minded business people. You could strike up interesting conversations with other attendees, and maybe kick start a valuable business relationship. The people you connect with at these events could help you get into new markets. You may even find someone who will be convinced enough about your business’s prospects to want to invest in it.

3. Learn from Industry Experts

Some shows have both conference and exhibition sections. The conferences may have well-known industry experts and business executives as guest speakers and panel members. If you attend a conference with a strong speaker lineup, you could glean a lot of useful information from what will be said. And if the speakers or panelists take questions from the audience, you may have yours answered as well. The CN BizFair will not be lacking in all these.

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4. Generate Leads

Many businesses going into trade shows make it a target to generate leads from it. They draw up a strategy to find potential customers and follow it through at the event. CN BizFair is a good hunting ground for new prospects because they attract a specific kind of audience– perhaps the kind that the businesses exhibiting would like to have as customers.

There are a few strategies you can use in our article, How to Make the Most of Trade Shows.

5.  Meet Existing Customers

It’s never a bad idea to meet with your customers in person. CN BizFair offers you this opportunity. You could build momentum around your exhibition at the event by informing customers about it via email, social media, and other communication channels. Some of them may be willing to attend if it affords them the opportunity to meet with you and your team.

6. Know Where Your Industry is Headed

CN BizFair can help you gain a firmer grasp of the current trends in your niche. That’s because it gives you access to opinion leaders, innovators, and major players in the space. You can get a sense of where your industry is headed by listening to the opinions of the experts at the conferences, or sizing up the products and services on offer at the exhibition stands.

7. Get Inspired

CN BizFair is a high-quality event, there will be good information floating around than you can handle. Some of them will inspire new ideas in your mind– ideas you could implement to grow your enterprise.

Final Words

There are a lot you could gain from being at CN BizFair. Whether you decide to attend as a visitor or an exhibitor, it will give you the chance to reap multiple benefits for yourself and your business.

The Connect Nigeria Business Fair is free to attend. If you would like to register for it, click HERE.

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This article was first published on 16th February 2020 and updated on February 19th, 2020 at 12:52 pm


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