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  Even if you can’t join the #EndSARS protest on the streets, there are several other ways you can support the movement. From combating fake news to putting your skills to good use, this post shows you seven ways you can support #EndSARS even if you can’t make it to the streets.
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Utilise Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms give you the liberty to use hashtags to promote just about any topic. Using the #EndSARS hashtag on social media is a great way to make your voice heard and promote the message of #EndSARS. To pass your message effectively, avoid spamming the hashtag, and only use it when posting or commenting about relevant information.

Provide Monetary Support

A campaign that convenes thousands of protesters around the country will benefit from funding aimed at providing medical bills, food, placards, and more. You can support the cause by contributing to public funds launched to aid #EndSARS protesters. The recently launched Flutterwave fund is an example of a fund you can donate money to support the campaign.

Educate The Masses

It is easy to think that everyone is aware of the ongoing protests, but it might shock you to know that this is not the case especially for those who have no access to communications technology. Be an advocator for the cause by raising awareness and educating your community. From the office to religious institutions and the home, there is no shortage of people who are ignorant about the meaning of the #EndSARS campaign.
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As much as the media is a powerful tool for disseminating information, it is also notorious for fake news either due to bias or hidden agendas. As an educated citizen, it is your duty to fact-check news consumed from any media. Identifying fake reports and alerting the public can go a long way in sustaining the movement.

Feed The Protesters 

If you have a strong inclination for feeding people, then this might just be your golden opportunity. Remember, by doing this, you would be supporting a worthy cause that affects the lives of many Nigerian citizens, including yours. Feed the nation!

Educate The Masses About Basic First Aid 

Unfortunately, protests often lead to injuries and casualties. If you are knowledgeable about basic first aid, you can share your knowledge with the public. Even if you know nothing about first aid, you can share content from trusted online sources that provide instructions on what people can do in cases of a medical emergency.

Use Your Skills

Are you a writer? Write articles, social media content, or blog posts that promote the protests. A graphic designer? Volunteer to design placards for the protests. A medical practitioner? Come to the aid of injured protesters. Your skills empower you in ways you might never have imagined. Featured Image Source: Sky News
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This article was first published on 20th October 2020


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