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We can’t really say what draws us to waterfalls. Is it their landscape aesthetic, the beauty of rushing water as it cascades down, or a sense of refuge it provides? We have not yet ascertained their appeal but we respond differently to individual waterfalls. Just being around them creates an experience we can’t forget.

It’s not news that Nigeria is brimming with attractive waterfalls. Many of them are popular but there remains a vast majority yet to be discovered. Of the ones discovered, a few are not so popular.

Below are 7 unpopular Waterfalls that are yet to bombarded by tourists:

1. Ngwo Waterfall

This waterfall is more popular in this category because it is attached to a popular landmark which is the Ngwo pine forest and limestone cave. This Plunge waterfall is located in Ngwo, Enugu state, Southeast Nigeria.

2. Osome Falls

Located in Ukpogo, Kogi State, Northcentral Nigeria, this roughly 50 meters waterfall makes its way through vast rock formations of different heights. This attractive sight welcomes visitors and fun-seekers to explore it.

3. Oferekpe Falls

It is located in Ikwo, Ebonyi State, Southeast Nigeria. People say very little about the terrain surrounding this waterfall. But for its name to keep popping up whenever attractions in Ebonyi State are being mentioned, it must mean it is a pretty significant site worth visiting.

4. Ogba Falls

Somewhere in Owerre Ezukala, a border town in Anambra State, Southeast Nigeria lies this waterfall in Ogba-Ukwu rocky cave. This town in Orumba South LGA shares a boundary with Imo State, Abia State and Enugu State. The Fall plunges down into a pool at its base.

5. Kurra Falls

It is located along the Jos-Pankshin road just 77km south-east of Jos, the capital of Plateau state in North West Nigeria. Kurra falls is found on a terrain that is estimated to be 1057meters above sea level. It is best to get a guide to get you to it. 

6. Ezeagu Falls

This is another popular waterfall in this list because it is part of the Ezeagu Tourist Complex in Ezeagu local government area Enugu state, South East Nigeria. People visit 23m high fall because they believe it has curative powers.

7. Barup Falls

In Gembu, Taraba state, Northeast Nigeria, this is the most popular waterfall amongst all the others there because it is associated with the Gashaka-Gumti National Park. This tiered fall is a joy to behold.

The reason we need to draw attention to these landmarks is to show the investment opportunities that lie in this area of the Nigerian tourism scene. By visiting these places, you not only empower the locals with your purchases but directly impact the maintenance and sustainability of the place.

Are there other waterfalls you know of in Nigeria that is not on the internet? Tell us about them in the comments and what you love about them. 

Featured image source: The Guardian Nigeria

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This article was first published on 5th June 2019


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7 thoughts on “7 Unpopular Waterfalls in Nigeria”

  • Ferin Ruwa waterfalls in Nasarawa state.

    • Ann

      Farin Ruwa is a popular waterfall. Almost every quarter, tour operators take people from Abuja (take off point) to see it for daycation.

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  • Nice article I will like to visit some of this places

  • wow nice one there is so much beauty in Nigeria, I need to take a break and visit these places

  • Nice research, what of Arsurp fall in jos plateau North central Nigeria?

    • ann

      It slipped my mind. but you can tell us more about it so we can include it in another article on unpopular destinations to visit in Nigeria.

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