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  An interpersonal relationship is very important to business growth and development. An interpersonal relationship is how you relate and communicate with your customers, and knowing when and how to relate with them.
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It takes a whole lot of people skills and emotional and social intelligence to keep your customers. Businesses that will thrive in the 21st century will do so, on the account of their interpersonal relationship. To start with, what is an interpersonal relationship? The concept of interpersonal relationships involves social association, connections, or affiliation between two or more people. In the area of business, having the right sense of communicating and relating with customers can help in growing your business. In this article, we shall look at how to build your business, using six interpersonal skills.
  1. Teaching Customers How To Maximize Value From Your Product

The first and most important interpersonal relationship businesses must cultivate to see growth in their business is teaching customers how best they can maximize the value of their products, solutions, and services. For example, if you have a solution to a problem, don’t leave it to your customer to go figure it out themselves. You must put them through. If you are into phone accessories, teaching your customers how best to use and maintain their phones can make them trust you more.
  1. Reaching Out To Them In Difficulties

Another way to grow your business is by reaching out to customers in times of difficulty. For instance, a customer lost a loved one, or is experiencing a setback in business, reaching out to them is another way of growing your business ties with them. Furthermore, you might not know customers in person, especially if you are a big corporation, but rendering a hand of support through your various platforms like email and social media platforms can be the best way to go.
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  1. Reaching Out To Them In Good Times

Wise business leaders always reach out to customers in good times, especially during festive periods, birthdays, anniversaries, big breaks, and so on. This goes a long way in telling your customers that their joys are also yours.
  1. Apologizing When There Is A Misunderstanding

In a case where there is a misunderstanding in a transaction, the business owner has to reach out to customers. Even if the customer was wrong, in a bid to salvage your image or deter future referrals, which might hurt your business, it is advisable to reach out to customers and win them over. You might go as far as apologizing just to win them back. Although, customers are not always right.
  1. Avoid Bugging Them

In a bid to keep relationships with customers running, ensure you don’t bug them. Customers have their lives to live, and they surely do need space for themselves. Therefore, it is unruly to bug them with sales updates daily and frequently. Understand the best time to send a newsletter, an SMS, and so on. For email newsletters, you can send them to customers once a week. SMS could be twice a month.
  1. Respecting Their Opinion

When there are cases of complaints, recommendations, suggestions, and comparisons, as a wise businessperson, ensure that their opinions are respected. Although, customers might not be right, you can as well point-out with a sense of respect for their opinions, the actual information they need. Featured Image Source: Jarvee
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This article was first published on 17th December 2021


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