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I love smoothies. They are colourful, healthy and  tasty. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with smoothie recipes. I’ll probably share some of them with you in the coming days. Anyways, while researching about smoothies, I came across some very interesting facts that you may not know. Here they are:

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Smoothies can give your skin a healthy glow

Are you dealing with skin issues like premature wrinkles or acne breakouts? You can drink your way to a great skin. Oh yes! What you put in your smoothie can help you achieve a fresh and beautiful skin glow. Fruit and vegetables like avocado, carrots,  spinach, pineapples, mangoes and oranges are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can brighten, nourish and protect your skin.

Hippies gave smoothie it’s name

Even though pureed fruit drinks that resemble what we call smoothie has been served in Mediterranean and Eastern cultures for centuries, it was the hippies of the late 60’s who were interested in body building who first used the term, smoothie in reference to fruit based drinks. In 1970, however, Steven Kuhnau, a lactose intolerant teenager branded the name. Steven couldn’t digest the milkshakes his peers loved. So, he started making frozen blends of fresh fruits and ice. He was excited that they tasted really good. They also helped control his allergies and blood sugar level. So, he created a health food store which he called Smoothie King. There, he started selling vitamins alongside his smoothies.

Smoothies can control mood swings

Mood swing is associated with stress and unhealthy lifestyle. There are medications that people with this health condition can take. These medications are essentially mood boosters. However, it is not advisable to remain dependent on such drugs especially since sleep disorder and blood sugar fluctuations are some side effects of such medications. But if you decide to make smoothies your remedy for mood swings,  if you make them from fruits and vegetables like pineapple, banana and spinach, they can relieve stress and make you happier and healthier.

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Smoothie is different from juice

The major difference between smoothies and juices is fibre. In juice making, the liquid is extracted from the fruit and served up for your enjoyment while the fibre is discarded. In  smoothie making, on the other hand, whole fruits and vegetables are processed and served. That way, both the liquid and the fibre in the fruits and veggies are retained.  Also, the fibre in  smoothies make it thicker than juices and slower to digest too.

Diabetics can take it

It is true that smoothies contain natural sugar which can cause a spike in blood sugar if it’s not taken in moderation. But research has shown that smoothies can be beneficial to a diabetic’s diet. They are a nutritious powerhouse and can aid weight loss too. Having a healthy weight is especially important for diabetics as too much body weight is associated with insulin resistance.

However, in making smoothies for diabetics, a bit of tact should be applied so that what should be beneficial does not become harmful. One way to achieve this is to avoid artificial sweeteners at all cost and to incorporate fibre, proteins and healthful fat into the smoothies of diabetics.

Smoothies can help control cravings

Smoothies should be part of a healthy breakfast meal plan. They are full of nutrients, thus, they provide a power packed start for the day. The protein and other nutrients in it will subdue cravings. This will keep the consumer away from junk food.



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This article was first published on 22nd May 2020


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