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Low self-esteem can have a detrimental impact on almost every aspect of your life, including your relationships, employment, and health. However, you can improve your self-esteem by following the advice of different sorts of mental health counselling.

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Recognize and disprove your negative beliefs

The first stage is to recognize and then question your unfavourable self-perceptions. Take note of your self-perceptions. You might have thoughts like: “I’m not good enough” or “No one likes me”. When you identify such thoughts, look for proof that refutes those assertions. Write down both the statement and the facts, and refer to it frequently to remind yourself that your negative self-perceptions are unfounded.

Make a list of your skills and work on improving them

Demonstrating true talent and performance in areas of our lives that matter to us builds self-esteem. If you’re enthusiastic about being fit, go to the gym every day and help others you see struggling. Sign up for a coding class if you are enthusiastic about programming and computers. In other words, identify your primary abilities and take hold of opportunities that let you explore them. 

Quit criticising yourself and embrace self-compassion 

Having low self-esteem comes with being hypercritical of yourself. We must replace self-criticism with self-compassion if our goal is to improve our self-esteem. When your self-critical inner monologue arises, consider what you would say to a close friend in your situation and direct those thoughts to yourself. This can assist you to prevent further harming your self-esteem with critical thoughts and instead help you build it up.

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Boost your physical fitness

Being physically fit helps you to feel good about yourself. People with poor self-esteem, on the other hand, often neglect self-care because they look down on themselves. Increase your physical activity, eat healthily, and get adequate sleep. Making time to unwind and do something you want to do rather than something that someone else expects of you is also a good idea. Simple modifications like this may have a significant impact on your overall view.

Face your obstacles

People who have poor self-esteem tend to avoid difficult or challenging situations. Taking on a challenge might be a good approach to boost your self-esteem. This doesn’t mean you have to face all your problems by yourself. It could also involve asking for help when you need it. The most important step is to take action even when you know it will be difficult. When you succeed, your belief in yourself increases. 

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This article was first published on 10th April 2022


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