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  Another Easter season is here. Easter is one of the Christian festivals marked all around the world and it is usually a holiday. What this means is that, during Easter periods, people are likely to take more time off work to be with family and by so doing, there is a high tendency to want to spend money on food. If you are into the food business, you can take advantage of the Easter season to increase sales and attract more customers to your business. 
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  • Offer Discounts To Your Regulars

Who doesn’t love discounts? Everyone does. So, subtly exploit the human tendencies of your customers and prospective customers. Offer discounts on your regular products and services. There is no limit or rule as to how you can do this, you just have to be innovative and do it in such a way that it will not affect your business for a long time. Online stores like Jumia and Konga have already begun with this strategy, offering discounts on their products. You can do the same for your food business and see how the sales start pouring in. 
  • Offer Home Delivery

As I stated earlier, during this period, everyone is home. And it is not always that ‘mother’ or any other person on kitchen duties is in the mood to cook. So offer your customers and prospective customers Easter Home Delivery services. Many will jump on this and appreciate you greatly for the initiative. 
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  • Organise An Easter Family Party

It’s the holiday season, everyone wants to relax and spend time with family. You could offer your customers an option if you have a physical location where customers can come in. Organise activities such as parties (children’s parties are more likely to attract the whole family), comedy shows, karaoke nights, music festivals etc. You can get a local music artiste to come to perform and invite all of your customers and potential customers. With more people coming into your location, you will be achieving two things, you will be increasing your sales and you will be increasing your trust quotient with your guests. When their children and family members love your place, you would be sure that there will be repeated sales from them. 
  • Introduce New Recipes

It’s not always that people want the regular. Sometimes, people just want to be adventurous and explore new things not known to them. So, you can exploit the adventurous tendencies of people by launching a new menu or recipe during this period. You can decide to call it a special name that matches what the season is. You can call your new menu, ‘Jerusalem Rice’, ‘the chicken in the garden’, or any other name you can come up with. The idea is to be creative with it in a way that your customers will be fascinated. 
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  • Promote

No matter how good your new recipes are and no matter the amount of time or effort you put into organising that special Easter party, you will never get in the number of people you may want without the right promotion strategy. So, when you have decided on what strategy to adopt to increase sales this season, also develop a promotional strategy to reach your customers and potential customers. if you have the contact list of your customers (by the way you should), get in touch with them through SMS, calls, and WhatsApp broadcast and let them know of the amazing offers and activities you have planned for them during Easter weekend. For others who have never patronized you before, you reach them through other means such as flyers, posters and social media ads. And don’t forget to encourage your existing customers to put in a word to their friends and have them patronize your business. You can offer incentives to your customers so they could do this. 

Closing Thoughts

The list above is not exhaustive. There are so many other things you can do this Easter season to increase sales for your food business. And if you have any other business that is not food, you can also take ideas from the list here, especially on promotion. Whatever you do this Easter, make sure you make more sales and while you do, have some fun. Featured Image Source: Vocal Media
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This article was first published on 12th April 2022 and updated on April 18th, 2022 at 5:01 pm


Ifegwu-Mbonu Victor is a Personal Growth and Leadership Trainer who provides training and coaching to individuals and organizations.

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