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 ladder     For every thought pondered on or any new innovation, someone out there may be thinking the same as well as already doing something along the same lines. Nasir Jones once said that no idea is original and there is nothing new under the sun. Besides, an idea is like a bird – it perches on many trees.  Come to think of it, what would business be like without competitors? Embracing competition as an act is good for the wellbeing of businesses because it supports creativity and offers new grounds for innovations. In the real sense, approximately every business has to deal with a level of competition one way or the other, and at different stages of business. Knowing how to handle competition is essential to your business, especially competitors in the same economic sector. A competitor can be a threat to your customers, products/services and also your employees. One of the best ways to handle business competitors is by taking proactive measures; always operate at your best for both customers and employees. Measures you may want to take to stay on top of your game include: -Studying business competitor’s weaknesses and strengths. -Elevating the quality of your customer services (since they are the face of the company). -Studying and learning from the bigger market, then creating a niche and sticking to it. -Developing a trade by barter policy or partnership with other big companies. -Increasing employee’s satisfaction. -Bettering the quality of products and services. After applying these suggestions, below are ways to handle business competitors: Pay less attention to them: Nobody can make you fail, success and all that matters to take your company to greater heights is within your capacity. So pay less attention to them and remember the more you concentrate on your business the better it will be (bigger competitor).Every business can learn from others, but it shouldn’t be at your company’s expense. Be focused: Spend more time in creating new goals, dreams and innovations instead of focusing on any new steps or innovations your competitor brings out. If you solely focus on your competition’s organizational goals and achievements, you may be stuck envying your fellow competitor. Don’t be distracted with competitors. Know their strengths and weaknesses and use it as a key weapon to enhance your marketing strategy. Be you. Be yourself, because everyone else is taken .Your company should always stand for what they are known for. Originality is the only way you can stand out in a competitive market. Stand your ground and be exactly what your brand represents. Be inspired by others, but stay original. Think and operate outside the box: To think and operate outside of the box is one way that you will be ahead of your competitors. When they dwell on the ordinary, you should do the extra-ordinary. Remember in business and life as a whole, it’s those little things that matter the most. That’s why it’s necessary for you to know their weaknesses and capitalize on that as a competitive edge. Build on your forte: Remember there can’t be another you; you are unique in diverse ways. Work on your strengths; that key ingredient that sets your business apart from the crowd. Expand and trade those unique qualities in your business to your target market and the rest will be history. It’s just a façade. All competitors want you to be distracted from your goals. Distraction affects drive and purpose. Avoid unhealthy comparison with your competitor. Be wise and use your competitors to excel in business. Competition is healthy for business

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This article was first published on 5th July 2014

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