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With fashion, you’ve got to break new ground and be willing to leave your comfort zone. No one can know it all when it comes to fashion, so there’s really no need playing it safe. Charge yourself to burst out and rock something out of the ordinary by trying out these fab fashion risks.

Wear one color 

This fashion risk if not done properly could make one come out looking like a squeezed tomato, especially if you’re going for an all red ensemble. The trick to break up all that color is opting for a soft hue, keeping one shade lighter than the rest or, better still, breaking it up with different shades or patterns of the colour.
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Sparkle and dazzle at daytime

Most people might say sparkly ensembles are intended to be worn at night, but fashion rules can be broken. To pull off this look; balance the textures by wearing a sequin top with a subdued piece like a pair of black or navy pants. You can also wear a sequin dress with a coat, thereby making the glamorous piece work for a formal or casual setting. Remember you’re not planning on blinding innocent bystanders with the sparkles.
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Clash two or three prints 

Print-on-print makes for an outfit exciting. This can mean looking creative with your personal style. To mix your prints for appropriate formal settings, opt for bright shades over darker prints, or classic muted prints.
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Wear over-the-knee boots

You may be thinking, No way… but Yes way! Over the knee boots are not only stylish but add effortless spark to an outfit.
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Wear mismatched pairing

If you ever get bored of dressing the same way, then try a different fun route. If you ever lost an earring and you find that you can’t discard the other piece, just match it with another earring. It doesn’t matter if they don’t go together – as long as they complement your look.
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This article was first published on 3rd March 2018


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