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  Businesses that deploy IT systems that run their software require effective databases. These databases, sometimes, stored on-premises or offsite, or managed by third-party services, require efficient database software systems to maximise their performance and avert common software issues.
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Using the right database software systems,  also called database management systems (DBMS) – is crucial to ensure that businesses handle the influx of data smoothly. Here are some of the best database management software available for business professionals.


Oracle is the oldest and the most widely used object-relational database management software. Although it’s powerful, it is also complex. This requires new users to undergo thorough training to maximise the software’s best features. Oracle has also incorporated cloud technology, equipping it with high performance and availability.


MySQL has gained ground as the go-to DBMS for web-based commercial applications, notably those operating e-commerce sites or using dynamic content. MySQL is easy to use and comes pre-installed in a variety of popular web applications, such as WordPress.
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It is the database management tool of choice for top companies such as Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, PayPal and Twitter, just to name a few. Despite the fact that it now belongs under Oracle’s umbrella, MySQL is still an open-source resource.


Although not as popular as some other options on this list, PostgreSQL is the database management tool of choice for many online gaming apps, database automation tools and domain registries. It is an object-relational database and it is used across Linux and Windows operating systems.


If you have to work with large data sets, Teradata is a great option. The database tool has stood the test of time and is popular for creating some of the original data warehouses. Today, Teradata is an excellent solution for businesses dealing with large amounts of big data, business intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Featured Image Source: Edureka
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This article was first published on 22nd October 2021


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