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In spite of my cool and calm demeanour, there are some truths I hold dear which helps me cruise through life without unnecessary stress.  Although I have learned these truths, sometimes I forget them in the heat of life situations and I remind myself again and again. This is not a bleak situation because I realize that the more I remind myself, the more these truths are real to me and every time I remember, I become a stronger version of myself. I believe you deserve to hold these truths close to your heart and you can go ahead to keep a few of them that resonate with you: 1. I have the capacity to love and deserve to be loved in return: Love makes the world go round but you would not be going round much and experiencing what love can give you yourself if you don’t see yourself in this light. Most times, our insecurities and fears makes us take a part of this mantra and ignore the other part. This is when you find people who love deeply and excessively but they don’t think they deserve to be loved in return while you find others who takes as much as they want but are unwilling to give love. You come to a place of wholeness when you can give and receive all the love that surrounds you. 2. Who I am is not what I own: Whenever life hits hard and I experience a major loss, I remind myself of the many times I have been successful and tell myself, “Good or bad situations do not define me. I am more than I have and own.” With this mindset, I tell myself that all I have lost, I can earn much more than that if I want to. With this mindset, it does not matter what your limitations are at the moment, you will free your mind to think of a way that is bound to take you higher. 3. The force is weak on that one: Some people will never be right for you. They will bring you down, make you feel less than amazing and blame it all on you. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable and insecure, you probably are so much better without them. If you feel like you cannot be yourself around them, conclude that the force is weak around them by not pushing for a connection. The right people that will inspire and energize you will find you as soon as you give up forcing a connection from people who are just wrong for you.   Read also: 12 Memorable Quotes on Success by Influential Nigerians Allow Yourself to Be Successful    

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This article was first published on 22nd December 2015

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