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A fashion school is not the same as a fashion store or boutique where clothing items or fabrics are sold or made. A fashion school is a training center or institute in which fashion enthusiasts are taught the rudiments and ethics of fashion designing. The trainees are taught how to become independent fashion designers and the business aspect of fashion.

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To achieve this, the trainees undergo sequential training depending on their level of expertise before the training, what they hope to achieve after the training, etc.

To make it easier and more defined for both the trainer and the trainee. The owner of the fashion school drafts a course outline, the duration, and the price. Some fashion schools even provide accommodation for trainees who stay far from the location of the training center.

Without fashion schools, there will be redundancy in the number of professional fashion designers in Nigeria, reducing creativity and making the fashion industry boring‘.

All the prominent fashion designers in Nigeria went to respective fashion schools both in Nigeria and beyond the shores of Nigeria.

Having a fashion school as a fashion designer is very good but some factors need to be considered before venturing into the business to prevent running at a huge loss and ultimately closing down the business.

1. Profit

When discussing business, profit is paramount. Profit determines the level of productivity of your business. If you enjoy a reasonable inflow of profit as a fashion school owner, it means you are doing well.

Before starting a fashion school, you need to determine the profit you’ll be making because that is what will keep you in business.

To determine your profit, you have to draft a viable business plan. Knowing the profit you stand to gain as a fashion school owner will determine if it is a business venture you should consider going into or not.

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2. Capital

Capital is very important. No capital, no business. Having a fashion school is different from being a fashion designer. Some fashion designers sew from the comfort of their homes and may not have to invest in buying lots of fashion equipment and other things needed to start a fashion school.

A relatable example is comparing a home lesson teacher to a school owner. The difference is clear, one will have to spend huge capital than the other to start their respective business.

In fashion school, you need to have a place, buying many fashion equipment and tools from tape rules to sewing machines.

If you want to open a fashion school, you may have to consider capital.

3. Time

Time is key. Time is the bedrock on which plans are made and achieved. Knowing and understanding time management is important.

If you are the only one managing your fashion school, you have to be more sensitive about time than ever. Most fashion schools offer courses for both part-time and full-time.

It is better to have staff to assist but if you can’t afford to employ staff, you can do it all by yourself but you have to consider TIME.

Other things like location, accommodation, number of trainees play a very important role in deciding if you want to start a fashion school in Nigeria.

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This article was first published on 4th May 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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