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Connect Nigeria’s 2nd Annual Business Fair holds tomorrow!  Several vendors will be exhibiting their business and key speakers from organizations such as Union bank, Skye Bank, Jovago, JMG,  and several others will be discussing e-business and the growth of your enterprises, so we are going to be giving you key networking tips for the day! 1. Throw Fear Out of the Window– Throw fear out of the window when it comes to networking. Not everyone is confident when it comes to talking to strangers, but these strangers at the business fair will be good strangers, and will hopefully become future business partners and friends. Walk up to people, engage them in conversation about the different booths and let them know what you do, as well as areas of interest. 2. Partake in a Forum– There will be two panels on the day, the first related to doing business in the digital age, and the second related to mobile money/e-commerce.  Panels are an excellent way to further your knowledge and also interact with leading professionals in various industries who can answer burning questions you may have. 3. Exchange Positive Experiences-Networking is a way of bonding with people. On the day, you will find many people who do similar things to you, some who are just beginning and some who have had many years of experience. Don’t be afraid to be open and share your experiences with people you meet. You may help someone, and another person’s experiences may likewise help you. I hope this was helpful and I hope you’re ready to change the world with your business. Don’t forget to carry along your business cards and register online beforehand.   Register for the business fair HERE  

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This article was first published on 20th February 2015

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