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It is the desire of every business owner to grow their business and see their revenue grow. This simply means that most business owners have the knowledge of what would grow and take their business to the next level; however, there is too often a gap between vision and implementation.

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This is because only a handful of business owners have knowledge of factors that are likely to decline or limit the growth of their business. To safeguard a new or established business, it is necessary to understand what can lead to business failure and how each obstacle can be managed or avoided altogether.

Some of the factors that cause a decline in business growth include:

1. Unclear Market Targeting

One of the basic things business owners must know before starting a business is their target audience, because without a clear and proper knowledge of your target audience, chances are that you would be wasting your time and resources on the wrong people.

Knowing your ideal customer lies at the heart of your revenue system, as every other aspect of your business evolves from this core insight. Your target audience has everything to do with your business, from marketing to various offers, delivery and everything else you do as a business.

Trying to grow your business without proper knowledge of your audience will make your business lack strength and appear shaky. In addition, your marketing will lack the clarity it needs to connect with your best customers, and your products or services won’t be developed to entice the kind of prospective customers you want to attract.

Generally, every other attempt you make to grow your business will be robbed of its maximum impact, because it is targeted at the wrong audience. However, you can avoid this factor by creating a clear picture of who your ideal client is through a combination of dialogue, data, and decisions.

2. Inefficient Use of Resources

It is one thing to have enough resources to grow your business and it is another thing to know how to utilize these resources for the growth of your business. These resources range from working capital to research, to your team members and the culture you have built into your company.

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This simply means that if your business is not effectively managing these resources, it has a,direct impact on your ability to win and retain revenue from your clients. When you can’t manage your resources, you might end up pushing some resources to the wrong sector of your business, where it is not needed and that act alone has the tendency of crashing your business. However, to avoid such from occurring, it is important that you know how to utilize the resources for your business or you outsource for professionals who can manage those resources properly, in order to yield visible growth.

3. Poor Management

This is a common reason why small businesses fail, because even if the business owner possesses the required skills needed to create and sell a viable product or service, often times, they lack the attributes of a strong manager and don’t have the time to successfully oversee other employees.

Clearly, without a dedicated and resourceful management team, chances are that the business owner will mismanage certain aspects of the business, whether it is finances, hiring, or marketing. Being a business owner isn’t just about the title, it involves proper management, which is a skill most business owners lack.

If poor management was an individual limiting factor, it’s impact might not be so great, however, poor management has a multiplying effect within a business, which if not taken care of properly, might lead to the end of that business. Leadership dictates the culture and behavioural patterns that can seriously detract from business growth.

In conclusion, it is important to identify these lapses in every business and take the necessary steps to eradicate it in order to avoid the downfall of your business.

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This article was first published on 22nd March 2022


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