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Bincom Global Tech Programme

Tech skills have become indispensable today that one cannot talk about progressive work practice without talking about them. This indispensability of tech skills today has resulted in a global rising need for skilled tech resources to solve problems or come up with innovative ideas to help keep companies and establishments relevant in the industry. No one wants to be kicked out of the train, right?

One would think that there were enough techies to sate this rising need but the reverse is the case. There are not enough skilled tech resources available for jobs worldwide and sometimes, it is difficult to find the available few for jobs. This scarcity has created a skills gap in the tech industry and some institutions have launched programmes that train individuals in tech skills to help bridge that gap. One of such programmes is the Bincom Global Tech Programme by Bincom Dev Centre. What this programme typically does is to train, expose and equip individuals with optimal on-the-job experience in tech skills to make them globally attractive. Some of these skills are Data Science, Back-End Development, Front-End Development among others. 

Being a part of a community where you are trained, exposed through career packaging and placements just like the Bincom Global Tech Programme is a good way of launching a career in tech globally and being resourceful. There is a whole gold mine in the tech industry right now and choosing a career in tech would be a great choice anyone would make today because it is an industry that would never be out of style.

There are a lot of benefits that come with having a career in tech. One of these benefits is that the base salary of a tech resource person with the right combination of skills, exposure and experience is $50,000 annually. Another benefit is that some jobs allow you to work remotely, this means that one can work from the comfort of their home and still meet their quota. Also, building a career in tech does not require the traditional college learning path unlike some other professions like medicine, law or education. 

Most tech employers only care about if you have the necessary skills to work with them and make them money and acquiring these skills does not take that much time like the college path. In about a year or two one could be fully equipped with the right skills, exposure and experience to go with and be ready to take on jobs. People enrol with tech institutions that run career-building programmes, one of such is the Bincom Dev Center’s Global Tech Programme.    

That being said, building a tech career does not require much but hunger and passion for tech, and money too because nobody would agree to train anyone for free. But if money is the factor that is holding you back, the Bincom Global Tech Programme has an income sharing agreement where you are trained for free, and payback when you begin to earn. 

Doesn’t that sound generous? 

What are you waiting for? Learn Tech Now, Pay Later.

Featured Image Source: Bincom 


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