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  So you’re an introvert. You would rather work on your own than with a chit-chatty team. That’s not odd; it’s just the way you are. If you’re keen on starting a business, whether in addition to your 9-5 or as a full-time entrepreneur, you will want to consider your natural tendencies. It’s your best bet to excel at running a venture instead of getting burnt out by it. But what sort of business ideas for introverts are likely to succeed in Nigeria?
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This article walks you through 12 great business ideas that have the single most important element every introvert wants: working in your own space, on your terms. Here they are:

Freelance Writing

Introverts, especially those with a creative bent, are often great at writing. So freelance writing may be a fine option for you. There are lots of niches within this broad school too. You can write blog posts, business plans, technical manuals, or even books (whether hardcopy or e-books) for clients. What specific niche you decide to settle for will depend on your preferences, skills, and prior experience.

Graphic Design

If you have a creative streak, graphic design may be a fulfilling business for you. There’s no shortage of demand for visual content, and they’re deployed to an almost endless set of uses. That’s good news for you if you’ve got an eye for aesthetic detail and have honed your skill in this particular area. You will have plenty of business coming your way if you design for the right kind of things: business cards, brochures, banners, logos, clothing imprints, leaflets, and similar items.

Web Development

Many introverts enjoy problem-solving. Such people will thrive in web development. Thankfully, there’s always a growing need for websites, as more individuals and organizations seek to set up an online presence. You could help them achieve their aim by building a website for them, and get paid for it. The pay for projects in this business currently ranges from under ₦100,000 to millions of naira.

Content Creation

Do you have knowledge or creativity to share with the world? Why not try your hands on YouTube, podcasting, or blogging? These outlets have become money spinners for a great many people, including lots of introverts. And you can join their ranks if you make and publish interesting content regularly via the channels we’ve just mentioned.

Virtual Assistant

Perhaps you’re an introvert who excels at organizing tasks and handling administrative work. If that’s you, consider one of the many great business ideas for introverts in Nigeria: becoming a virtual assistant. This allows you to assist businesses and entrepreneurs remotely with a range of tasks, from updating social media to writing blog posts or even bookkeeping and managing executive schedules.
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If you have an eye for detail, you may want to start a photography business. There’s plenty of room to explore here. You could choose to become an event photographer and take shots at weddings, birthdays, and corporate functions. Or you may get into fashion photography. Whichever you go for, there’s a good deal of money to be made from it, if you approach it as a professional would.


You don’t have to constantly engage with a crowd of coworkers to run a successful e-commerce business; at least not if it’s a small-scale enterprise. All you need to have is your products, a decent working knowledge of Content Management Systems, payment channels or gateways, and content creation; plus contacts with reliable delivery partners.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

A segment of introverts love crunching numbers. That’s the basic thing you’ll need to be a decent accountant and bookkeeper. You can help small businesses manage their finances, so they can focus on their core operations.

Software Development

If you have coding skills, consider developing software or mobile apps. There is a growing demand for custom software solutions. You don’t have to work for an already established company to get paid for developing software. If you play your cards right with personal branding and marketing (on social media and other online channels), you could land steady gigs from around the world.

Social Media Management

Prominent individuals and businesses of all sizes also want to maintain great social media pages. Introverts who are extra savvy with social media may make a living off of managing social media pages for a diverse clientele.

Affiliate Marketing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that affiliate marketing has become all the rage in these times. And that’s because it offers a pretty comfortable way to make money. All you need do is promote products or services through affiliate marketing and earn a commission on sales generated through your unique affiliate links.
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Content Editing and Proofreading

You can use your attention to detail to provide content editing and proofreading services for writers and businesses.

Final Words

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t thrive as an entrepreneur. Your introverted nature can be a significant asset in running a business, as it allows you to work independently and focus on the details. Weigh the business ideas mentioned above, and choose one that aligns with your interests and skills to embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey. Featured Image Source: Save The Student
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This article was first published on 10th November 2023


Ikenna Nwachukwu holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves to look at the world through multiple lenses- economic, political, religious and philosophical- and to write about what he observes in a witty, yet reflective style.

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