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The oxygen every business breathes on is its customers. Without customers, no business can thrive. Winning a customer for life is comparable to the challenge of wooing a princess.

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Can customers be won for life? Is there anything like a faithful customer? The answer is yes and yes only if you apply the right strategies of how to win customers for life.

To win customers for life, you have to spot your ideal customers. An ideal customer is the one who gets their exact needs met by the products or services you are offering. To find your ideal customer, you’re also to determine their location.

Your brand perception matters a lot if you must win customers for life. In this ever-competitive market environment, to stand out you must do something differently. Define that singular thing or more that you would do differently or value you would offer that would make people want to patronise your brand only even when there are myriads of brands offering the same service as you. This singular thing or more is your unique selling point.

After deciding on your unique selling point, the next thing is putting your brand story out there. Communicating effectively through strategic means, and what your brand stands for with the use of digital marketing skills most importantly, will get you metres closer to your ideal customers. Let them know why your definition of different is better.

Below are 11 killer strategies of how to win customers for your business for life.

1. Target your customers with the right product

This is the foremost killer strategy. Identify your target customers by defining your target market. If you have a good or service to sell and you know who to sell it to, you are 50% over the hurdle.

As soon as you identify your target customers, your next step should be knowing your customer’s problems and how your product or service can fix their problems. This will help the customer trust you better because they now know you’re more interested in helping them solve their problems, in adding value than in their money.

The final point then is determining the right channel and message to communicate to your target customers.

2. Personalise your messaging

With personalization, we’re looking largely at online behavioural data — where someone clicked, what pages they visited, what page they came from — and that can all be anonymous.

3. Be where your customers are

Finding a suitable channel for your business is not dependent on what you like or not, it should depend on where your customers are, and the channels they often use.

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The moment you identify the channel your customers are, engage them with valuable content touching their pain points. There’s a likelihood you will get even more conversion by doing this because they when resonate with your content.

4. Deliver personalized experience with live engagement

With engagement tools such as video chat and voice chat, businesses can have personalized interactions with customers and offer tailored solutions. Such personalized conversations build trust with clients and are one of the strategies to win customers.

5. Help them during their entire buying journey

Every customer wants to be treated delicately. There’s nothing as pleasing to a customer as a good customer experience. When a customer is guided and treated well throughout their buying journey, they tell the next person of your awesome services.

6. Build trust with your clients

When your customer trusts your service delivery, you’ll be the first point of call when your service is needed. Just like a good relationship needs effective communication to grow so does the customer-seller relationship; it builds trust. Delivering personalised services guarantees customer satisfaction. Seek their opinions, it makes them feel valued and offer nothing less than your competitor would. Offer is valued to your customer that they’ll be glad patronising you.

7. Automate your conversations

Thanks to technological advancement, you don’t necessarily need a human support agent 24/7 at the other end of the phone. Chatbots can cover up for support agents when they’re unavailable by providing answers to basic customer questions and transferring complex ones to the support agents when they are available.

8. Maintain consistent brand experience

It’s imperative to maintain your brand’s customer experience if you must win your customer for life. Let the quality services you offer even increase in quality than fall.

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By maintaining a consistent brand experience for your customers you can almost dictate how they should feel about your brand at any point in time.

9. Address customer queries faster

Responding to your customer queries instantly, skyrockets customer satisfaction and builds their trust and confidence in your brand. They trust you as a brand that is ever ready to attend to their needs. You need to deploy live chat software to address your customer’s queries in real-time.

10. Know your customer’s expectations

Collect your customer’s demographics, and data, as much as would help you meet their need and exceed their expectation. Find out what your customer expects from your brand and how you can meet their expectation.

11. Create customer loyalty

It is easier to retain existing customers than to gain new customers who would have to raise their trust meter for your brand from the scratch.

With these strategies, you’re sure to win your customers for life.

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This article was first published on 23rd July 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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