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There’s this common misconception that managing social media on a professional level is as easy and breezy as uploading an image on Facebook with a simple caption to go with it. But you and I know there is much more to it. Managing social media effectively is about posting the right content on the right platform, establishing your brand’s authority, thinking ahead, building relations, measuring and monitoring your performance, and the list goes on and on. Basically, social media management can be a full-time job but can become even more of a challenge if managing your brand’s social media presence is only part of your daily tasks. So where to begin? Take a big breath and master these ten secrets that will help you save a ton of time and turn social media management into a piece of cake as we look at them in this insightful series.   1. Planning an Audit As dreadful as it may sound, social media audit is something that you should do on a frequent basis. If you’ve never done a social media audit for your brand, now is a good time as we’re getting into the second half of the year. Social media audits helps get a grasp of how you’ve been doing so far in terms of meeting your social media marketing goals; if everything you had planned at the beginning of the year are working and whether you need to reconsider certain tactics of your social media plan. Took a look at few basic steps for a super quick social media audit you can do on a frequent basis. Step 1: List all the platforms you are active on with links to your social media profiles. Step 2: Update any imagery and profile description that needs to be updated. Step 3: Check some key metrics such as audience growth, reach, engagement and traffic generated from this platform. Step 4: Evaluate your presence on each social media platform by checking your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This process will help you gain some perspective and assess where you should focus your effort on.   2. Creating Fire Horse Many social media managers have the same challenge: content curation. The truth is finding high quality, relevant content to share on social media can be time-consuming. But fear not! What you need to make it easier is to create a content curation system that works for you. A few tools can help you build up your own system: Feedly: Gather all your favourite news resources on Feedly and browse them every morning to find useful relevant content to share and of course use it as an inspiration to create your own content. One of the useful features is that it immediately gives you an idea on what’s most shared on a given day with the number of shares being shown next to each headline. You probably hate email as much as everyone else but email and newsletters can deliver some hidden gems ready to be tweeted, pinned, instagrammed, you name it. might come in handy in this case. What it does is gather all your newsletters in one place, delivering all–in-one emails you can easily browse. Smart content recommendation tools: Answering to social media managers’ need of curating content, there are quite a few brilliant tools that recommend you content you can share on your social media platforms. Content that is relevant to you and your audience. Swayy, and Groupiest  are both tools that can recommend you content to tweet based on your community and the topics you are interested in.     To be continued…   About the Writer: Osakwe Richard is an avid follower of tech news and developments around the globe and a Scrabble aficionado.  

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This article was first published on 28th July 2015

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