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Nigerians are frequent flyers; whether it is within the country or to places outside Nigeria. Before you book your trip, here are 10 flight booking tips you should know.

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Local flight tickets are cheaper on weekdays

If you are travelling on a budget, you can fix your travel dates between Monday – Thursday. Depending on the airline’s time zone, experts say the best time to book any flight is on Wednesday at 1 a.m. In Nigeria, however, you are safer booking your domestic flights on Monday and Thursday. Conversely, book tickets for international flights on Saturdays and Sundays for better price offers.

Book in advance to save more

Flight tickets are more expensive the closer they are to your travel dates. So don’t wait till it is 48 hours or fewer to when you need to travel. Chances of snagging up a seat on a choice airline because of cancellation are slim. Learn to book in advance. For domestic trips, booking early could be 45 days in advance. While for international trips, booking tickets to fly to Nigeria is best around 4 months in advance and booking tickets to travel out is best 2 months in advance.

Kids can get discounts on tickets

Children under 12 can get discounts on their tickets. Some airlines even allow children under 2 years to travel for free as long as you carry them on your lap. So, make sure you make proper enquiries before booking tickets for children.

Travel agencies are a helpful guide

You can have seats reserved for you that enables you to sit with your family on a flight when you use travel agencies like ASAP Tickets guide, Travelbeta, Wakanow, and Travelstart Ng to book a flight. Some of these sites even help with price comparison between airlines which saves you time.

You can enjoy low fares with some airlines

Airlines with the lowest fares to Nigeria (if you are travelling in from outside the country) are Qatar Airline, South African Airways, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, and Ethiopian Airlines.

To fly in winter, book in July

To make international flights in winter, it is best to book between July and August to key into the cheapest fares. Likewise, book between March and April for summer flights, January and February for spring, and May and June for autumn.

Book domestic flights outside business hours

The best times to book a domestic flight is outside the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. During business hours, prices go up because of last-minute bookings which cause heavy traffic at the booking site. Also, flight fares are more expensive in the mornings than in the evenings.

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Booking directly is sometimes better

Sometimes, it is better to book directly from the airline than with a travel agent. Flight fares vary depending on the season, and most airlines do seasonal promo which might not be reflected in a travel agent’s price list. So, do check with the airline directly before booking with your agent.

Avoid peak seasons as much as you can

Avoid booking a flight within Nigeria just before a public holiday or an academic vacation season because those are peak seasons for airlines. If you cannot heed this warning, you might find yourself in a crowded airport with lots of noisy passengers.

How do you book a flight?

Though this may seem common to some, many people do not know how to book a flight. First, select your destination; next, choose a comfortable seat, then pay online or at the airport’s ticketing office. You can book a flight for its travel itinerary to use for visa purposes. If your visa works out, you can pay later, if not, you can cancel the ticket. Just make sure you read the cancellation policy before you book it.   

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This article was first published on 4th February 2020


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