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  In today’s digital ecosystem, website engagement is of paramount importance in tracking the success and ranking of a website. Every website has rival brands competing for the attention of the same audience. Attracting huge traffic without having the visitors carry out the desired actions will not also mean much. 
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Users’ engagement is one of the important steps in the lead conversion process. Your visitors must be properly engaged and convinced to buy from you or subscribe to your newsletter. Engaging your visitors or website users properly would also reduce the rate at which users leave your site in a second and reduce its negative impact on your site’s bounce rate. Having a top-notch web design helps to improve website engagement, but apart from this, other factors enhance website users’ engagement and site conversion optimization, these other factors are what this article is about to reveal to you.

7 Innovative Tricks To Skyrocket Your Website Engagement

  • Improve Your Website Loading Time: a slow website loading time irritates users and can make them jettison your page no matter how important the content in it is. Website users are not patient beings, they will not wait for eternity for your page to load. To fix this, you can use tools like Google Analytics or GTMetrix to check your website speed.
  • Make Your Website User-Centric and User-Friendly: make your website easy for the users to navigate. Reduce unnecessary ads and other disturbing and irrelevant content. Make every experience memorable for them, starting from web page navigation to customer service interaction to the final purchase or subscription. Organize your website navigation experience. 

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  • Utilize Internal Linking: this, apart from boosting your SEO and search engine ranking, will add to users’ experience as it enables users to navigate through the site smoothly. When this happens, page views with each visitor would increase and the bounce rate will reduce. Use relevant anchor texts to link up other related articles. 
  • Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly: according to Statista, about 52.7% world’s population in 2015 used their phones to access the internet and in 2020 the number has doubled to 7 billion mobile phone users worldwide. Hence, you will be harming your website if it is not mobile phone friendly. Your website should be responsive to accommodate mobile phone users, desktop users and other device users to increase engagement. 
  • Use Live Chat and Automate Your Website with AI Bots for Real-Time Assistance: this method will help engage your visitors and respond to their queries even without you being online. Chatbots are always active and available and will engage your visitors with instant answers when your support is not readily available.
  • Choose a Writing Style and Make Your Message Clear: use a favourable writing style to engage your web page audience and make the purpose of your message as clear as possible. To adopt a favourable writing style, you should study your visitors’ or website users’ persona to determine whether or not to use a formal or informal writing style. The kind of business you run can also inform this.
  • Make Your Call-To-Action clear and Attention Grabbing: define the action your want your visitors to carry out, and make it appealing and clear. You should not have to contradict CTAs or Multiple CTAs. Use one CTA per post and place it wisely across the web page to increase users’ engagement and page activities. 

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  • Generate Leads by Running Contests: running contests and giveaways will increase your website traffic and increase web page activities. Create a few activities which participants will carry out on the web page which should also include referral bonuses.
  • Offer Discounts: you can offer discounts if your website is an e-commerce website on hot products. This is a good way to increase website performance.
  • Make important Search Boxes Visible: do not allow your visitors who are looking for a particular item or content to run around the website page looking for where to get them. make in-page search boxes visible enough with a different and attention-grabbing colour.
Increasing your website users’ engagement does not end with getting in new visitors, it also goes on to make these visitors visit again, buy again or read content again. The above steps you help to get started on this.  Featured Image Source: Better than success
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This article was first published on 12th October 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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