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Yandex Yandex is the fourth biggest search engine in the world, according to a qSearch report, from world’s web monitoring firm – comScore. The report submits search reports for November and December of 2012, globally, with Google on top, at 65.2% of the market share from 114.7 billion search queries. China’s Baidu followed with 8.2% share from 14.5 billion queries. Yahoo, with 4.9% share from 8.6 billion queries, came in third. Yandex came in fourth place, with 2.8% market share from 4.8 billion queries, surpassing Microsoft’s Bing – the fifth, with 2.5 percent market share from 4.4 billion queries. Yandex, a Russian-based technology firm,  provides search engine services to Russia and neighboring countries. Its market share is also growing in Turkey, and its local language search is strong. For Yandex, a not so famous website – globally, and few products aside its search, to best Bing, is astonishing, given the clout of Microsoft, and its several services — MSN, Outlook, etc — tied to its search, and its partnership with Yahoo and Facebook. Yandex appears to be ready for the global stage, with it lucid English content, than Baidu. Yandex  has a deal with Opera, makers of the famous Opera browser, and Yandex maybe planning a foray into Africa with new services and better results in its search, in months and years ahead.

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This article was first published on 8th February 2013

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