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An online community is a group of people who share a common interest or purpose and communicates via the Internet. Online communities are similar to those groups people belong to such as age grades, trade unions, and village groups except that it is not physical. Often, you can find some of these groups planning events to meet physically but others are comfortable meeting only online.

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Online communities can be found on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, forums, telegram, slack etc. Right on these platforms, you can find communities for artists, crypto lovers, women, youths, software developers, job seekers etc. The important thing is to find communities that appeal to you and join in, especially if you use the internet regularly. That said, here are five reasons you should join an online community.

Online communities are opportunities for learning

Learning takes place everywhere. Joining an online community is an opportunity to learn more about your interests. It is even more unique because you get to learn and gain knowledge with people who share the same interests as you. There are many intelligent, clever and creative people in online communities. Perhaps they even have more experience than you. Whatever the case, the knowledge, tips and tricks they share can make you more productive.

Improve self-esteem 

Joining an online community is an avenue to improve your Self-esteem. Perhaps you are not used to talking to people or giving your opinion because of self-consciousness. An online community is an opportunity to change that. When you interact with people you don’t see, the focus shifts from how you look to what you can offer. Putting your opinions out there and contributing meaningful information to your community makes you feel accomplished.

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When you get positive feedback, your self-esteem improves. Likewise, when you help others, you can’t help but feel satisfied that you were able to aid someone in their time of distress. All of these help to improve your self-esteem.

Online communities give valuable feedback.

Online communities don’t just entertain you. They are places to share your work, thoughts, or ideas with others and see what they think about them since members share similar interests. For instance, an NFTs art community is a good place for artists seeking to create digital arts to post their works for review. A good critique will lead to feedback. Feedbacks are an avenue to learn how to improve yourself. If there are no mistakes, members will recognize you for being creative. Again, you can also contribute to the community by participating in discussions and giving feedback to others.

Online communities give inspiration

Online communities assemble people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. This means thousands of people with different realities and intellects. Thus, being a member of an online community enables you to explore different opinions, ideas and opportunities. For instance, if it is an innovative community, someone may talk about a product he created in his country. It can give you an idea of how to do a similar thing but different for your country.

Building long-lasting partnerships and Networks.

Online communities help you build friendships and partnerships that are beneficial to your or any of your endeavours. You can meet future business partners, investors, life partners, close friends and much more in online communities.

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However, not everyone you meet in online communities is worthy to befriend. Only befriend those that are exceptional and can add value to your life.

Final Words

Online communities are a forum for social interaction but it doesn’t mean they can’t be more. They are also for business, marketing, ideation etc. Always remember that the online lifestyle can affect real life. Thus, you shouldn’t troll or bully someone online.

There have been cases where people lose opportunities because they bullied and trolled someone.

Remember that members in your community are real people, seek out members who live close by to hang out. This way, you are improving your social circle physically too.

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This article was first published on 10th August 2022


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