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  The female population makes up roughly half of the human population anywhere in the world and on International Women’s Day of all days, it follows that all of society is reminded of all or a few of the reasons why its female population needs to be uplifted and listened to more.
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The female population makes up half of the human population in almost anywhere in the world. The biological make-up of men has seen them dominate most aspects of human history such that female contributions come off as exceptions to the rule and not the norm. It is a testament to the progression in human history that we are having such discourses as this one. In moving forward, we must realize that it would not be wise to leave women behind if we intend to make meaningful progress at all. Society rests on the shoulder of women and their less trumpeted routine efforts that make it possible for others to achieve greatness. It will only be wise for humanity to become more invested in the growth of the womenfolk because that would be us investing in ourselves in essence. An educated and empowered womenfolk have been largely instrumental in combatting the scourge that has been COVID-19. Women have shown themselves capable in crisis management throughout history and the latest pandemic only reminds us of that fact. A better educated and empowered female population means the human race is better off especially as women are the very nurturers of every new generation. Africa, especially, cannot afford or even move to progress if it does not commit to improving the lot of its female population. Many of the continent’s challenges are still tied to the colonial legacies from more than half a century ago.
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The subjugation of women in some societies are traced to well before then but it is true that colonialism exacerbated whatever those practices were by giving legitimacy to female subjugation through either looking away or actively encouraging and abetting it. In essence, our move towards a future devoid of the challenges of the past would not take off if part of the agenda is not to liberate the womenfolk. Every aspect of our growth and progression in Africa, moving forward, will get a boost if the energy of the female population is maximized. As more women become more vocal, it is getting considerably harder to ignore the fact that women are not just asking to be freed but are taking initiative and forcing the issue. There is great strength in numbers and as more women prove themselves in different aspects of human endeavour such as politics, business and technology, there is no denying that they are slowly but surely chipping away at the shackles that bind them. In Africa, the need for such is more amplified as the challenges that require their input are present here more than anywhere else. In fact, nowhere presents a bigger opportunity and will continue to do so for women and anyone for that matter to stand up and be counted than Africa. We all must be intentional in assisting the drive to liberate the female folk as it is not just their fight but our fight. Featured Image Source: URGE
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This article was first published on 8th March 2021


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