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Owerri, dubbed the eastern heartland, is the capital of Imo State. This entertainment capital is a fun place to be, thanks to the numerous activities and events which take place in the city. The town is rich is culture, history and tourism potentials. This urban Igbo city is filled with exciting infrastructure. It is also a nice place to relax. 

Below are interesting sights to behold when you travel to Owerri:

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1. Freedom Park

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Looking for an aesthetic place to hang out and take cool shots to remember your time in Owerri? Freedom Park it is. The towering statues, graffiti, falls, and rocky structures make this place picturesque and good for relaxation and for picnics.

2. Oguta Lake and Resort

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Oguta Lake is the second largest lake in Nigeria and it has a confluence much like the one at Lokoja. Here, the muddy waters of Urashi River do not mix with the clear blue waters of Ogbuide River. It is a great sight to see as the dense green forests surrounding it adds to its beauty.

Not too far from it is the Oguta Lake Resort. With state-of-the-art facilities like a swimming pool, an 18-hole golf course, a war relic constructed by the defunct Biafra Navy during the civil war, boat cruise services, and a recreation park, it is no wonder people love this resort.

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3. Mbari Cultural and Art Centre

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Art, food and culture lovers have something to look forward to when visiting Owerri. Mbari Culture and Art centre is divided into three segments – the Mbari House, the Mbari Kitchen, and the Amphitheatre. The Mbari house holds all the artworks, a collection of sculptures and artefacts. On the other hand, cultural stage plays and sports events do take place at the amphitheater and at the Museum kitchen, traditional Igbo cuisine is served. It is a must-see location when you visit Owerri.

4. The National Museum, Owerri

Established in 1988, this museum tells the story of the first settlers in Owerri. Precolonial household utensils and currencies are on display in its mini gallery. This museum also holds relics from the civil war.

5. Nekede Zoological Garden

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The Nekede Zoo is close to the city centre and is a good place for wildlife lovers to visit. It has a variety of animals like lions, crocodiles, monkeys, civet cats, ostriches, hyenas, and many others. It is a great place for a family outing, especially when you check out the wildlife museum. If you love animals, you can take great pictures of them and of your time there.

Have you been to Owerri? Tell us about special places tourists can visit that they won’t find on the internet in the comment box. 

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This article was first published on 27th February 2020


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